TTS offline speech synthesis (language | Voice +)

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TTS offline speech synthesis (language | Voice +)

There are three ways of speech synthesis in the sky.

  1. Online speech synthesis (free)

  2. Offline use of speech synthesis (free, need to install a language in the local app and download offline resources)

  3. Use the CyberLink Offline Voice pack (paid)

This allows for offline speech synthesis


(Android Studio project):


Using the notation to achieve offline speech synthesis and online speech synthesis is very similar, the way to download the SDK is the same, the same is the choice of online speech synthesis , but the use of offline engine can be borrowed speech synthesized voice.

Online speech synthesis Address:

Here's where say and online speech synthesis is not used.

1. Download and install the notes, download the offline resources

Offline Voice dictation articles are described in the article, address:

2. Network permissions can be deleted, local synthesis does not require networking, but access to network status must have.
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" />
3. Change the recognition engine to the local engine
// 引擎类型 本地mTts.setParameter(SpeechConstant.ENGINE_TYPE, SpeechConstant.TYPE_LOCAL);
4. Comment out the parameters of the engine mode setting in the class of application initialization
// param.append(",");// param.append(SpeechConstant.ENGINE"=" + SpeechConstant.MODE_MSC);

speechconstant.mode_msc parameter means to use offline package resources, if the offline package resources can not be found to go network recognition, if the setting of this mode is not using the language (voice +) If the use of offline package, you need this parameter.

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TTS offline speech synthesis (language | Voice +)

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