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Today, I saw the sunflower skyball opening.

I have asked a lot of questions.

(Tucao: why are there 10 MB of text in all the games in ACG's Chinese group? It is better for ACG's Chinese group to publish their calculation methods .......... After the announcement, the ACG group will definitely rule the Chinese world .... I should also go home to farm)


Let me talk about my computing method:


There are two types of text:

A kind of pure, the wandering soul belongs to this type


// The role name in this script
: Character ::
: 0005: too large
: 0009: Yuli
: 0017: sanjiu Lang
: 0029: too many rows have been reached too many

// The text in this script is as follows:
: Text ::
: 0000: Outside Tokyo. The former town is located in the mooji region.
: 0001 ::: duxinhuang electric car was just busy during the second time. We recommend that you renew your subscription.
: 0002 ::: why are there too many problems? Why? How can this problem be solved.
: 0003 ::: how can this problem be solved.




There is also a mix of commands and text

For example, a dream of summer has already been used


; Daily view
* Honpen
Gosub * effecwoff
Wait 2000
MoV % 286, 1: BGM "music/BGM/bgm06.wma"; invalid Parameter
BG "Dat/BG/bg01_1.jpg", %110

Gosub * windowon

[% Vol_mizuna/2_0001] "We just got it !" /
The five rows of flowers on the table are arranged in a row.
The school festival is about to begin soon. All the places are dressed like this. /



Others I don't know

Generally, I use the file size as the text size.

For the first type of text

The size of the soul text is 2.55 MB, 2,683,415 bytes

The second method is relatively elegant.

For example, a lot of game texts in krkr are like 10 m.

In fact, the amount of real text is not large.

Otherwise the translation will be dead...

1kb = 1000 bytes = 500 words


I remember that the fastest translation speed was that time GTA4 was 25 KB of plain text a day...


I forgot to say, sometimes by the number of lines in text

For example, tomorrow is fine

Row 3 W


Remark 1:

Someone told me that a good translator only had 200 lines of text a day.


I can refer to the translation tutorial. A good translation should contain 5000 words a day.


So what is the KB GTA4 text translated by Miss bird in a week?


Remark 2:

The actual translation speed is-words/day.

The actual company uses Microsoft Word menu "tool"-"Word Count"-"number of characters (excluding spaces)" to calculate


Remark 3:

I think

This topic is similar to the scale of software engineering evaluation...

Isn't it better to simply use the Mythical man-month?



I will announce some types of Chinese Chunk text size


Command and text mixing 397 K

4 months, 4 people


Wandering Soul

Text 2.55 MB



1328 lines of plain text, KB

20 rows of each scene animation

Weapons and equipment lines 200

Two and a half months


Alimail 3 Hai tea girlfriend 3

Instruction 768kb



Fei ruyue

Plain text

350 rows * 5

3 man and a half month


Things that govern the Chinese world...

Do not understand + do not understand, learn a bus ??


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