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People archives: Wang Micro, Fujian people, 32 years old this year. The early 1990s, a year of the TOEFL, 570 points to the United States to read economics, and then read a master of computer, and finally in France MBA.

At the age of 76, Wang was in Asia, where he was in charge of more than 30 million U.S. dollar performance by Hughes Satellite Inc. Later went to Bertelsmann Group, who served as executive director of Bertelsmann Online (BOL) China. At the end of last year, Wang gave up the position of multinational executives, starting from scratch Tudou, completely relying on their own savings, "planted" the "potato".

Potatoes, very common. Tudou, it's trendy. Tudou attracts eyeballs because of the introduction of the "podcast" concept.

It's "podcasts," not "blogs." From the ABC, Viacom, ESPN and other foreign media predators to the "podcast" appreciation, you can see: "Podcast" is not just a video version of the "blog."

What is Tudou? What will it bring to us?

A rustic name wrapped in new ideas

Many readers also see blogging as a new fashion on the internet, while journalism majors talk about the challenges of blogging to traditional media, yet another new term "podcast" (Podcast) has warmed up. If you want to ask what the difference between the two, from the surface, the traditional blog mostly text pictures, and podcasts with small movies, small short films such as the main video program.

The 32-Year-old Wang is the founder of Tudou. Tudou is a platform, each user can apply for free 100 megabytes of cyberspace, and then can use their own DV or even camera video clips, their voice Mp3 to Tudou, and then let their friends, or other strangers free download to watch. Entertaining or not, nothing to find music or, frankly, Tudou is a big stage.

Although podcasts are developed from blogs, the idea of the two is different. Wang told the author, Msnspace (msn Personal Space), blog log, its starting point is communication, is a way of communicating with each other. The word "log" has the meaning of communication and record. and the podcast, is a performance of their own stage, the emphasis on "show". The relationship between the user and the viewer is the relationship between the actor, the director and the audience. Millions of netizens have both the need for communication and the urge to show one. So in this sense, Wang said that "podcasts and blogs there is no conflict", the two can be coexist.

"Everyone is the director of their own lives," this is the classical slogan of Tudou. Wang said: "This is not a gimmick, but our belief, because each person's value is their creativity." "It reminds us of our time: refusing to unify, emphasizing individuality, everyone wants to show themselves, everyone is eager to be famous overnight, and technology and equipment has become popular, even without the purchase of DV cameras, just a cheap camera, you can shoot." There is no doubt that Tudou has adapted to the needs of the times, representing a trend. It seems that Tudou is not dirt!

Give the right of choice back to the audience

How does Wang think of "planting" potatoes? This is from his personal experience: after 5 years in the United States, Hughes Satellite company to study MBA in INSEAD, eventually into Bertelsmann, in the Corporate Development Department, responsible for the group to develop corporate strategy. Mention Bertelsmann, most of the domestic readers will associate with the Bertelsmann Book Club, it's just one of Bertelsmann's many business sectors, with Bertelsmann's largest television broadcasting group RTL, the world's largest book publishing group, Gunayar, Europe's largest magazine publishing company, and BMG Records. Fiscal year 2004 revenue 17 billion euros

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