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In recent years, China's foreign trade booming, many foreign trade enterprises overseas partners all over the world. E-Mail has won the favor of many enterprise managers because of its convenience, cheapness, no jet lag and strong performance, and become one of the most frequently used communication tools. However, when the Enterprise mail once appeared to send and receive not smooth and so on problem, also can bring to the enterprise difficult to anticipate the question.

Reasons for the failure to send and receive mail overseas

Message content violation

When editing the message, did not notice the content of the message of the standard, in violation of the International Anti-Spam Alliance based on spam content of the decision criteria, blocked by the firewall, resulting in the normal transceiver.

IP is blocked

China is a big country of spam, IP reputation is not high, many mail IP will be the anti-spam organizations pull into the blacklist, affecting the user's external mail contact.

Mailbox parameters are not set correctly

Some mail service providers or the mail system itself in the parameters of the lack of configuration, such as the reverse domain name resolution records, and so on, to a large extent, the message to send and receive unobstructed effect.

Insufficient overseas broadband

It is understood that China and overseas, especially the United States network connectivity of optical fiber is not enough, greatly affect the speed of network transmission, the possibility of increased mail loss.

It is not difficult to see that an e-mail to the accurate delivery to the overseas mailbox, need to consider a lot of factors, once a certain aspect of the problem, it is very easy to send mail failure, lost letter, the situation of the letter back. Many domestic mail service providers in the solution of overseas mail delivery problem, more or less encountered some difficulties, such as lack of funds, limited technology, the scheme is not perfect, etc., which is why the mail delivery problem is so grim, but really can launch a perfect solution of the mail service providers are few reasons.

Turbogate Mail Gateway as the leading brand of industry software Gateway, able to provide enterprise users with a complete mail server gateway support solution, it provides the advanced relay module and overseas Transit network services to help enterprises to efficiently, securely and easily send mail out, and eliminate any obstacles in the delivery process.

Extension Wave software positioning for the Professional almighty Enterprise mail solution Developers, the demolition of large sums of money in Asia (Hong Kong), Europe (France), Oceania (Australia), the Americas (the United States) to build a transit server, forming a high-level mail transit network. Canton Extension Wave Software Technology Co., Ltd. in the International mail relay server equipment input, as well as the strategic positioning of the international mail market, effectively ensure that the customer's mail delivery of international mail.

In addition to the above hardware resources for international mail protection of the Advanced relay module is also different from other inflexible forwarding mechanism, the function and performance of the relay has an absolute advantage.

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1. First, the user sent the message to filter the classification of different categories of mail use different mail transit services, for different types of mail clever use of different "reliable" mail system account for transit.

2. All relay mailboxes are sorted at the same time, when the first relay mailbox is still unable to post successfully, the system automatically transfers to the next relay mailbox for delivery. Global network of server layout, to ensure that users to send mail smoothly.

3. Advanced relaying is embodied in the flexible choice of the postman. Other products once the use of relay function, because of technical reasons that all the mail can not send and receive from the local server, all through the transit server, greatly aggravating the system burden, resulting in delay, blocking, retreat letter and so on. and turbogate Mail gateway can be handled flexibly according to the actual situation, different mail treats differently.

4. The first to provide Dkim function. When the customer is configured to use this feature, the message is sent with an encrypted digital flag added to each e-mail message to enable the receiver to compare the records in the legitimate Internet address database. Due to the large mailbox system at home and abroad will be dkim verification of the collection, so configure this function, can greatly improve the success rate of customers to deliver mail.

Note: Compared with Microsoft's sender Id,dkim has gained more supporters in user practice certification, Dkim the same as the sender ID in the use of DNS servers, but Dkim has added a key digital signature, which makes it more reliable.

Global Postal Service is the main way for enterprises to expand overseas business, and can realize the global Mail on one hand can help enterprises better e-mail exchanges, on the other hand, also set up a new milestone in the Mail field, Turbogate Mail gateway can rely on their own strength in the field of software gateway to establish a benchmark indeed strength can not be

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