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Most people want a paycheck, and that's because they have the heart of fear and greed.

First say fear, the fear of not having money stimulates us to work hard, and when we get paid, greed or desire begins to think of what we can afford to buy.

So it forms a pattern: Get up, work, pay, get up again, go to work, pay the bill ...

For example, if people are afraid of not spending money, they immediately go to work, and then earn money, so that the fear of elimination. It seems quite right to do so.

But once this is understood, he will not think about the question of whether a job can solve your economic problems for a long time. In my opinion, the answer is ' no ', especially in the life of a person. The job is to try to solve the long-term problem in a temporary way. ”

  The important thing in the long run is not how much money you earn, but how much money you can leave and how long you keep it.

Sir John Tonnt Playdon, the world's first wealth-management master, began his financial management at the age of 20 and got $ more than 8 billion out of the 80-year-old! It is very important to know how a person can master financial technology.

"Saving is all a loser's strategy, and you need to achieve financial freedom as quickly as possible," said Mr. Robert Qingzia, author of the term "wealth quotient", "rich father Poor Father" (No.: Richdadpoordad). "It can be seen that the wealth quotient has a great influence on a person's belief."

In my opinion, there is no simple question of "right and wrong", but there are differences in thinking and different positions.

And because, I am a Chinese, deep-rooted thinking of sinology, allowing me to "genius" to solve the complementarity of these two programmes.

Education, experience and adequate funding, these three points are the most important principles. Today, I have learned from the individual, understand, and I am personally in the application, this set of financial management model to come out, with you to share and communicate with progressive people.

The need for financial freedom is a series of methods and steps, but the main thing is your idea. Money, that is the concept.

Henry Ford, the American car king, once said: "You believe you can, or cannot, you are right." "So how can we live in wealth and achieve financial freedom?"

First you need to list your monthly basic cost of living, and you have to figure out how much you can spend on clothes, food, housing, and stuff, and then write it on a formal notebook.

Take me for example: I eat a day, the cost is 50 yuan, one months is 1500 yuan, I buy clothes, one months on average can buy two pieces, 500 yuan is enough; my house, this ... Don't pay, Dad has paid for me to buy a, transportation, I basically around the city every day, need 200 yuan, and I also have social entertainment, I put it under the control of 500 yuan, plus other miscellaneous fees, such as telephone charges, gas charges, heating fees ... Well, my minimum cost of living is 3000 yuan for one months.

You may have this or that kind of spending, with parents, children, and lovers ... As a result, the lowest possible cost of living per month is 4000 yuan--I assume you are 4000 yuan for one months at the regional level I live in.

Then, list your ideal cost of living per month, for example, 40,000 yuan. The numbers written must be specific and detailed. Of course, everyone is different, living conditions are different, some people may be 400,001 months, some people may also be 4,000,001 months, but please remember, this is to go through your own carefully calculated figures, rather than a joke number.

Because it is prudent and precise to deal with financial problems, it is forbidden to use words such as "possible" or "approximate", which is the minimum and correct attitude of a person towards money .

In the treatment of money, I have always insisted on one point:

Saving is the loser's strategy, but it is the only safest, simplest and most practical of all financial products.

-Although saving it is slow, it applies to the vast majority of people, so we are mainly talking about: how to create financial freedom in the case of saving money mode.

Please note that safety first! This is not truth, you choose the Bank this financial instrument is the safest, the simplest, but also the most practical, and so we really achieve the ideal financial level, then consider other financial tools, such as: to invest money in stocks, funds, real estate (real estate), enterprises ... They have a much higher rate of return than savings, but the risk is greater and your assets are likely to shrink, and you can't get your ideal life soon.

So I emphasize again that before you get financial freedom, I suggest that you do not have to use other tools other than savings, just choose a secure bank, which is slow and slow, but you will find that it is right, though steady but not falling, and through the way I teach you, you should be able to do it- Because it works for the vast majority of people!

To deal with the problem of money, I also think of the ancestors left to the "I Ching", so I associate with the "development of people and things" in the law, altogether need six steps:

1, the Dragon do not use (for learning stage, latent period);

2, see Dragon in the field (emerged, early the world);

3, all day dry (hard work, working practice);

4. or leap (before and after the opportunity);

5, Dragon in the day (ideal to achieve, brilliant results);

6, Prince have regrets (Sheng extremely and decline, full recruit profit and loss).

The above can be compared with my financial tools.

  Wisdom, courage, fairness, moderation are our virtues, today I teach you a method, you must not be lucky, we should always warn ourselves, especially to be cautious, especially to repair Germany.

because you do not fix the virtue, you can not bear the responsibility of you, more can not bear you have the money, status, power.

Therefore, in this article, I refer to the German, mainly the Chinese people's most basic, traditional thrift and struggle. Only in this way can you afford to live with your wealth.

No longer hang everyone's appetite, the text begins. The following is only theoretical, although I myself in use, and through my own practice, has reached the second step, but the specific, but also need you progressives, according to their actual situation to practice operation, I guarantee you can do.

The first step: financial security (the Dragon does not use the stage)

What does financial security mean?

  financial security is that you should have a basic cost of living for 3-6 months. of course, you should put the money in the bank for the sake of safety. Through the previous analysis, I assume that your basic living expenses per month is 4000 yuan, then 3 months of living expenses is 12,000, 6 months is 24,000, that is, you must first have to have 1.2-24,000 yuan deposit in your bank account, this deposit is best regular, never go to use it Forever.

Why do you want to save?

Because when you have 3-6 months of basic living expenses in a bank, there is a small sense of security in your heart.

You can at least do this: even if one day you're out of work, or someday there's a big change, you can still live safely for 3-6 months, during which time you don't have to worry about the money every day, eat a meal without a meal, live in tension and fear.

Although the basic cost of living for 3-6 months is not much, but this is the ultimate financial freedom of the basic premise, just long March first step, when you have the deposit, you have reached the minimum protection, because you have 3-6 months of buffer period, you can slowly, calm down to do the next step of the plan.

I personally spent a number of times in this way through the crisis of unemployment. If your friends you may have worked for 2 years, 5 years, 10, you should have 3-6 months of deposit. No matter how long you work, you don't have the habit of saving money, you should never talk about money.

When you have completed the 3-6 months of subsistence fixed deposit, you have achieved the first step, financial security.

Please follow me, and confidently roar a voice: "Even if I immediately unemployed, I am not afraid!"

Step Two: financial security (see Dragon in the field stage)

What does financial security mean?

Assuming you have one months of basic living expenses of 4000 yuan, financial security is that you have to have 12-24 months of basic living expenses in the bank , that is, 4.8-96,000 yuan.

This deposit is stored directly in the bank, not with it, it will give you a greater sense of security, it is far more than the financial security of the first step to last longer.

In any situation of distress, you can survive at least 12-24 months in a safe and stable manner. You should know: If you are unemployed, or you lose your ability to work ...

You can in 12-24 months of this period of time, to choose what you want to do, what you like to do, what is right for you to do, you can have enough time as a buffer period, so that they do not disorderly, disorderly.

Speaking of which, many people do not have the basic cost of living for 12-24 months, but also what to talk about financial management? Even the most basic security is not, but also talk about what money? You don't manage money, and you don't get it.

As long as you are willing to save money, save at least 10% of your monthly income, not long, you will enter the first step of financial security, and then again, I believe that soon, you will be able to achieve the second step of financial security.

Financial Masters told me that they have the habit and the obligation to save money each month at least 50% of the income, can quickly bypass the first step, directly reached the second step, to achieve financial security.

Grandma's, I if a bite, can save 90% or 100%, save a few years can also financial freedom. Do you mean only saving, but the days?

I think it will vary from person to person. The difference in income determines the individual's difference. I personally do not advocate this "miser" style of financial "results", the master may not be good, right.

But I suggest you: Be sure to save money regularly and at least 10% of your income, and I can suggest you: when you're done with a few savings tasks, you should have a little celebration with your friends. Of course, this is done without the use of your strongholds, so you will be more confident to keep your financial plan going.

You may be dismissive of this, but you know, this is the financial security strategy for the vast majority of people. Although conservative, but can be used, it makes sense.

There is a problem in this, that is the safe money, before you deposit into the bank, or, after you have completed the task,-you should be sensible to spend!!

You have to wait until you have reached a certain level of financial management, and then to make the money to make other investments, or consumption. I'm not against buying luxuries, but you have to do what you have to do, preferably without using your principal.

There are a lot of people who have not deposited their living expenses for 12-24 months, what else they talk about? They are completely ignorant of financial management; they are completely insecure, they have no sense of security or security! Their lives are faced with great fear!

Most of them must be working for money, they have to do what they don't like for money, they can't stop working, because once they stop working, they probably won't eat next month! Their incomes are higher, their consumption is too strong, their incomes are rising again, and they can still spend all their money.

Some people, one months can earn 10,000 yuan, but in consumption, can spend, even borrow money to spend, it is incredible, most people's attitude towards money is so casual. Even if you achieve financial freedom, there is a big premise: you must make sure that your spending is lower than your assets!!

So, from the first step to the second step is very simple, is a WORD: Save!!! can also be stored.

Simple, practical, usually the best; success, when it is simple things, you repeat! I believe that if you save money and are willing to save money, you should be able to achieve this second step of financial security.

I also want to say that once you can do this, it's not easy. Even if you go to work after the job, you can pick fat to pick up thin, you can find the Human resource manager of the unit to open your terms and price, because, you can yingqi to them:-"I Can"!

Step three: Financial independence (a dry and dry phase)

Before the second step, I think you are not qualified to travel around, buy brand-name mobile phones, computers, everywhere to buy new clothes, treat dinner, you are not qualified to drive a luxury car ... In short, you want to stop all over-consumption, you can do, to qualify for the third step, and strive to achieve it.

What does financial independence mean?

In recent years, China has had seven large-scale interest rate cuts, two large-scale interest rate hikes and two interest rate cuts. After playing a few ups and downs, the bank's interest rate is not constant, because the market is volatile, the currency is to be affected by inflation. Well, I'm going to be at the most conservative annual rate, which should be 0.03.

I myself in grade four, after the math test if not copy others, with their own to test, the rate of failure to reach 100%.

After the life, decided me, will only use the lower number of elementary school two or three years, because I am at most in the money shopping, weigh, when looking for change to use the low number, college students learn the high number for me like a myth, fortunately I do not use it.

Next, I would ask you to calculate a low number of primary 2 grades:

Suppose that the bank's annual interest rate is 0.03, and your own living expenses is 4000 yuan per month, a year down, the bank to pay you 48,000 yuan of interest money, ask, you in the bank account, how much deposit?

What, a bit of a mess? Let me finish this question:

In the case of an annual interest rate of 0.03, you want to give birth to 48,000 yuan of interest, how much you should have the principal?

Please figure out your answer in 30 seconds.

The answer is 1.6 million yuan. Right?

In other words, if you have a deposit of $1.6 million, do not move in your bank account, Then the bank will pay you 48,000 of the interest money each year, these 48,000 can let you in 12 months of time, the maintenance of life, even if you do not go out to work, the bank will pay you 48,000 yuan a year, this year you spent 40,008, next year 40,008 to the account, because, your money is to help you to give birth money.

What's the problem? The above-mentioned low number should be 48,000 divided by 0.03, and then 1.6 million.

How to deposit 1.6 million yuan in the bank, it is your business, as long as you do not break the law.

You can work (as long as the senior managers of large enterprises, or to do marketing, but the outlook is darker, in terms of the million annual income, it will take two years);

You can also be a freelancer yourself, not everyone can become "little Shenyang", but you can fully exert your expertise, for example, consider having a dentist's office, computer maintenance company, home decoration decoration, run a variety of skills training and so on such a reality job, because after all, the income is limited.

This should be a promising outlet for small-flat freelancers. As for the migrant workers, do not lose heart, as long as you believe that the American car King Henry Ford once said: "You believe you can, or can not, you are right." ”

1.6 million yuan in a bank can live a year? Such a practice is not fixed. If a person is living on a monthly basis of $12,000, the 1.6 million figure is unreliable, so he has to increase the deposit. If the Bank Rate changes again, you will have to adjust the amount of savings.

In other words, in the operation of large sums of money, there are many uncertain factors, but you must keep pace with the times, corresponding to sudden changes!

How quickly can the number of changes in the face of change be achieved in order to feed you? This depends on your monthly basic cost of living, the size of your desire to consume, and the size of your earning power. Of course, there is the speed of your savings, you understand? If you are assuming that you are 1000 dollars a month for basic living expenses, then congratulations, you can achieve financial independence faster.

Speaking of which, you should understand what is financially independent, that is, you have the interest money from the bank's principal, should be enough to maintain the basic cost of your life every month. Once you've reached that level, you'll be able to stay safe, secure, and, most importantly, live more comfortably than most people, without having to do the jobs you don't like.

In the whole process of saving 1.6 million yuan, some people strive to earn Ah, save Ah, and finally one day deposit reached 1 million, he felt good, so he took the money to buy a new car spent 500,000, the results will not be financially independent task.

He looked, so bad, so continue to work hard, finally, and then endure a small, fast to deposit 1.6 million yuan, this time should be a good celebration, so, take the money to buy a house.

This is like he raised the rooster is about to raise, can under the golden eggs, he suddenly made a celebration, the rooster to slaughter, take out the inside of the golden eggs to eat. After eating, not only the rooster has not, the golden eggs will not have any more. The truth is so simple.

What good is it for you to help you achieve financial independence through savings?

In this grade, your financial independence, even if you lose your job, the bank will pay you the interest money every year, you can not work hard for the money, every day to see the people you do not like, every day to do you do not like to do things, all do not.

As a result, the bank becomes your asset, albeit a little bit smaller. The truth of money is at a glance. That's why you choose to save. This may not be the fastest, put money in other places to pay, perhaps interest rates are more than 0.03, but please remember, this is the most safe, most practical, but also the most suitable for most people, because safety first.

Invest money in stocks, funds, real estate, businesses ... The technology, the ability, the risk is much higher than the bank, and the risk in the final analysis is that you don't understand it, or that you know nothing about it, that you are ignorant--is the greatest risk.

It's like driving a car, saying it's going to be an accident, it's unsafe, but people are still flocking, but you know, the biggest risk is that when you drive, your hands leave the steering wheel and the car loses control. Even if no one is educating you, it is a simple matter of crossing the road and there are risks.

In the financial aspect of the same, and other risks compared to savings, it does not require you have superb financial skills, do not need you have a high IQ, you just do the same: persist. That's all right. In the absence of risk, you choose the Bank is correct, is safe, put 1.6 million yuan in the bank do not use, it can produce 48,000 yuan of interest each year to maintain your basic life.

So, I suggest: When you are financially independent, you can use the extra money to invest in other places, based on a 1.6 million dollar bank deposit .

Because the high risk of profit, even if you put 1.6 million yuan outside the total loss of investment, you do not fear, because there are 1.6 million of dollars motionless in the bank, it can sound still-every year to a fixed day will help you produce 48,000, enough to cope with sudden changes. Of course, if you make enough money in other ways, it will help you to achieve financial freedom quickly.

This field is called "Dry all Day" in the Book of I Ching and Gan gua. In other words, there are many uncertainties in preventing you from achieving financial independence, you must not forget your own mission, in the face of changes in the amount of consumption, in the face of changes in the interest rate of the bank, you have to make a correct and rapid response, your eyes should have a good life vision to guide you.

Generally speaking, to reach the third step, I dare not say you live very moist, live very wonderful, but you can at least live very safe, live very secure!

The fourth step: financial vitality (or leap or deep stage)

This financial vitality is the amount of money you deposit into the bank, plus the annual interest, at least a 20% higher than your original level .

Deposit 1.6 million yuan in the bank, you may still feel the bottom of the heart, because in real life, the irresistible factors, not certain factors are too many, such as the family is sick, the wife gave birth to a baby, work has changed, daily consumer prices, the bank interest rate has been lowered ... So you want to add better.

For example, a deposit of $1.6 million per 0.03 of the interest rate will yield $48,000 interest each year, then 20% more than 48,000, which is $57,600. At this time how much you should have the principal of the Bank, in order to the annual interest rate is 0.03 of the situation, the birth of 57,600 yuan?

The answer is 1.92 million yuan.

How do you calculate that?

is on the basis of 48,000, plus two components, 4800 yuan twice times. I calculated it with the low number of my primary school thinking.

The second type of algorithm:

By dividing 57,600 by 0.03, it is equal to 1.92 million.

1.92 million yuan in the bank, the interest generated every year is 57,600 yuan,--more than the 1.6 million you saved in the previous 20% of the yield, simple? Of course, the above theory is based on your reasonable monthly income, and you have a moderate consumption on the basis of.

This means that you can not go out to work (in theory, I think life is still in sports, even if you go hiking, fishing), but also to maintain your basic life, and, there are extra 20% of the money for spending and enjoyment, which is tantamount to saying that you than the original basic standard of living, High in quality 20%. This is financial vitality, this is not a dream.

All of the above-mentioned methods and thinking, that is-saving money! Hold on! Hold on!...... What do you do later? To this extent, is to move forward or backward? It's time for you to make your own decisions. Don't do anything, you can go out of your hands, but ... In the future There is a "dragon in Heaven" this legendary state, what kind of?

Fifth Step: Financial Freedom (dragon in the day phase)

You don't have to do what you don't like every day.

Everyday you don't have to deal with people you don't like;

Every day can no longer running around for life;

You can work every day without seeing others ' faces;

Daily things less money more close to home, right high heavy duty light;

Every day can sleep to sleep to natural wake up, a few money hand cramp ...

I dare say that, as long as he is a normal human being, he will dream of it.

Is this a dream? Positive people will be thinking: how can I do?!

You can choose to invest in a lot of tools, the rate of return on assets is not the same, you have to analyze well, you can ask experts, but I say a concept:

Is the risk is high, because you can bear, because even if you reach the fourth step, in 1.92 million with the extra money to meet the huge risk of zero-the worst case, you could still maintain the financial vitality of the living standard. That is, you can have 1.92 million yuan in the bank to produce 0.03 annual interest money, still can let you get 57,600 of the basic living expenses.

Come on, you guys, are you ready? We began to count the accounts in detail.

I now assume that your ideal living expenses per month is 40,000 yuan, financial freedom is to say how you do, in order to do not have to work, can still get the income of 40,000 dollars.

How to get it?

In terms of choice, the sooner you choose a high return on investment, the quicker you can achieve financial freedom. If you can make money and save money, you should be able to go further with a hundred-foot head.

If you buy luxury goods too early, you are satisfied with your desires, but you have to continue to work for the money because you are not fattening the rooster.

In terms of consumption, such as buying a house to buy a car ... I suggest you pay in installments, or a loan, and don't pay it off in one lump sum! Because once paid, your principal will be reduced, and the chicken with the golden egg will become smaller, so you are farther away from the goal of achieving financial freedom.

The first step mentioned above until the third step is the primary stage, as long as you work hard, as long as you persevere, you should be able to do it, because it is to teach you to save money, you basically do not need to use your brains. And then the fourth step, you can play your potential again and complete the task.

Generally speaking, in the four-step field, you can be a worker, you can be a freelancer, but you need to have a different portfolio if you want to continue to achieve a higher goal after your stay.

For example, securities, real estate, enterprises and so on, you can analyze, to choose a profitable project to do, because these investments are your existing bank of 1.92 million yuan, in case you encounter a huge risk and then re-zero, you still can maintain at the level of financial vitality, that is, you do not forget, You have 1.92 million yuan in the bank account, the bank is still giving you 57,600 yuan of living expenses each year.

In the field of financial freedom, I did not achieve, but I know the high-level friends, some people have reached, the power of example is endless, and, I learned the knowledge can tell me, this can be done.

Because this is beyond the imagination of most people, after all, in this field, not any wage earners or small self-employed can enter, because you can choose a lot of financial tools, the need for more advanced technology, if the high rate of return, perhaps you will be swift to achieve financial freedom.

Of course, make sure your income is legal. Again, you have to spend a certain amount of money below your assets.

Below please go out to take a shower first, oh, no, wash the face, sober up, then listen to me in detail this account.

I still use the safest method in the history of the bank, for example, because it is not the best, nor the fastest, but it is the safest, most simple and practical, I "genius" to achieve the combination of wealth and savings in the reason is here.

Let's first calculate the low number of primary school:

I assume that you have 40,000 dollars per month for living expenses, a year is 480,000 yuan. So, at a rate of 0.03 per year, how much should you be in the bank's principal?

Believe that it is hard to live with the smart you, the answer is: 16 million yuan!!!

Look at this number, some people may be startled, so someone said: "Why do I use so much money?" ”

Let me first give you a careful calculation:

As long as you deposit 16 million yuan in the bank, so that the bank will not do anything you do not have to do, still pay you 480,000 yuan a year, let you live the dream of life, living in your dream of the house; You can give your child 10,000 yuan per month as an education fee, please state-level senior teachers , give children the knowledge that the children in general do not learn in school; You can give your parents an unexpected surprise from time to time.

For example, early in the morning to father, mother said: Today's weather is very good oh, I give Chou each 10,000 yuan, you go out to spend light, if the flowers are not finished you will not be allowed to enter the house ... Wait, wait...... Because you do not need to go out to work, after spending 480,000 yuan a year, the bank will give you another 480,000 yuan of interest money next year, the years after that, after the second. In short, to the day, the sound of Tao is still.

When you have financial freedom, you will find that you can do what you love, go where you want to go, say what you want to say, and no one dares to shout at you, so you are free in your heart.

There are two things:

The first one is called increasing income. You want to make money, the higher the income, the faster you can achieve financial freedom;

The second one is called cost reduction. This requires you to use great patience to control the desire, the life of ordinary people, money to give birth to money, and so on to achieve the goal, then to enjoy life.

The best blueprint for financial freedom above applies to business owners or investors. But here's a good habit--you can make sure you get 480,000 dollars a year in cash, and then invest and make money through other tools. This train of thought and habit can make you have a life without worry.

In financial freedom, there is still a major premise: make sure you spend less than your assets!!

The sixth step: financial complete freedom (Prince regret stage)

Full financial freedom is your deposit in the bank, with an annual interest rate of 0.03, the interest paid is at least 20% higher than 480,000 yuan. What is the principal of such a bank? You have 5 seconds to answer, quick.

The answer is 19.2 million yuan.

With these 19.2 million dollars, you can now live a 20% higher quality of life than financial freedom. This is the financial freedom, whether you are 30, 35, 40 years old. You can announce: I am retired!!

Li Ka-shing, Bill Gates and other people, the realization of financial complete freedom.

This step i and I contact friends also did not do, it is not nonsense, but I summed up this set of financial management model, is a strategic thinking, you can progress for you, opened a door to financial freedom. This set of tools is not unique, but it is the safest, simplest and most practical.

Finally, I wish you all the things you want to do, and all the good things in the world will happen to you.

[Turn] 6 steps to achieve financial freedom

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