Turn-count on the path of Nokia's generation of mobile phone giants who have made mistakes over the years

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Nokia, a former competitor of the company, is a respectable and powerful company.

At present, Nokia is making one mistake after another and keeps sliding itself into the abyss of collapse.

Let's take a closer look at Nokia's mistakes over the years.

1. despise consumers. Technology is based on Shell replacement. Nokia was the first to use the touch screen. In order to keep its mobile phone market position, Nokia was stuck. It had obvious advantages but did not use it. It would rather give up technology development, constantly changing shells, changing keyboards, and bullying consumers.

2. Ignore the power of technology. As early as a few years ago, Nokia withdrew from the on-board mobile system based on the Linux platform. In order not to affect the mobile phone market, Nokia prefers this technology to stay in the original market to maximize the short-term profits at that time, this system is the later meego system. It can be said that Nokia's Linux platform is ahead of Apple's, Android is at least three years old, and other market trends have changed. When Nokia wants to go back to meego, it is already lagging behind, making it difficult to accumulate.

3. Closed thinking: closed systems. Since the digital certificate verification is added to Sybian, common developers can re-develop applications.ProgramIt must pass Nokia's review.

This is exactly the case. In the end, Sybian was forced to die, pushing developers and even the entire mobile phone ecosystem to Google and apple.

4. Improper investment management. The merger of Nokia's original base station department and Siemens Department resulted in nosi, a slump in the communication industry, and even Huawei devices on the market, which allowed operators to buy services, nosi suffered losses year after year, and the holes were getting bigger and bigger, not even looking at the head. nosi's loss also severely dragged Nokia down. Nokia is always suffering.

5. The market is not sensitive. When the era of iPhone mobile phones hitting the world has arrived, Nokia still has a wide range of product lines, countless products, and even its employees cannot tell the differences between products, is it another shell change? The trend of smartphones is unstoppable. Nokia's CEO, CCTV, is still demonstrating that his cell phone can be hashed into walnuts.

6. improper employment. As the product line manager of Microsoft's office, Elop has no experience in the mobile communication industry. It is confusing for Nokia to launch such a new employee in the communication industry. A series of actions made by this layman are even more shocking. Let's take a look at what this stick has done. Saipan, Nokia's lifeline, and its painstaking efforts over the past decade have been disabled. Meego, an industry-recognized platform that can work together with iOS and Android, was abandoned after only one product was launched. When Android is in full swing, elopura does not want to bow his pride. He wants to show Nokia's personality and does not follow. Holding the thigh of the old club, Nokia and Microsoft are bundled together.

People familiar with Microsoft in the industry will never make such a decision. Let's take a look at Microsoft's products other than the operating system and office, such as music players. windowsphone has never been developing. Why? Because it is not Microsoft's core competitiveness. To put it bluntly, Microsoft does not care about the mobile phone field. People have money and they have to invest some money in various fields.

Microsoft is most concerned with the computer operating system, which is his lifeline.

In addition, Nokia has laid 40 thousand people off so far. What a huge number of people have been abandoned for Nokia, and the engineer culture is no longer there. What culture is there? Maybe it is the Microsoft bureaucratic culture brought about by the new president.

It is really sad to watch Nokia's Trojan horse fall down. After all, Nokia has a certain reputation.

For this purpose, I am afraid this can be anti-virus, reorganizing the management layer, making it difficult to fix it, and investing in the much-anticipated Android system.

Otherwise, I'm afraid Nokia will close down, or it will be acquired by Microsoft because it has been attacked by Microsoft. Microsoft cannot beat Nokia. The worse Nokia is, the lower the future purchase price. It is a pity that such a century-old store is gone.

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