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A: Thrift, do not seek luxury

Li Ka-shing's life can be summed up in eight words: Thrift, do not seek luxury.

His childhood is much more difficult, but also because of this, so that he formed a kind of other people can not have the character. It is not too much to say that it is this character that has contributed to his achievements today, and it is this accomplishment that has made him great in front of his sons, and the eight words "thrift, not seeking luxury" have become his deepest advice to his sons.

Career success hundred hard-working in exchange for

Li Ka-shing in the juvenile time counted once life, fortune Teller said he was full of heaven, binocular God, Birth is Dragon life, protect star is mercury.

If hard-working, perseverance, future will be big and expensive. Li Ka-shing did not believe in any dragon life. And believe that as long as the hard-working, perseverance, will have become, and has been in the practice of life preach. Li Ka-shing not only personally, but also often to warn his son.


Like all fathers in the world, Li Ka-shing loves his two sons, until today, as soon as he mentions his son, that kind of mask does not

The pride of the living is raised spontaneously. But he knew, this also with his original inculcate have relations, when playing small, he told two sons, Qinnengbuzhuo, eat bitter, side for people.

A good habit of thrift should be formed from childhood

Li Ka-Shing believes that parents adopt different educational methods, "great influence on the future of the next generation". He had the boys eat some pain.

Suffered a bit of hardship, is to sharpen their will, edify their sentiments, enrich their experience.

One of the most important thing is to have the Chinese people's hard-working, thrifty virtues. Know how to save yourself, but be generous to people, when you make money, and so on when you have a chance, you have to spend money, so that makes sense.

The "finger" of Midas touch

"Will the princely have a kind of?" "History has been answered. Regal Li Ka-shing's concern for his second generation is far greater than his own wealth. He knew that leaving his sons gold was far better than leaving them with a "finger" of Midas touch.

Second: Learn to cultivate independent living ability

Everyone is the same, one day will face the pressure of life and society alone.

In Li Ka-shing's view, a child who is not fully sensible should learn the ability to live independently. "Although they are still small, but I think early Enlightenment education will let them know the father of the difficult business, learn the spirit of the father tenacious struggle, grow up to become the pillars of the timber." If they had been relieved of their early education, they had become the only people who knew how to eat and drink, and then they would be late for education. All I do is just want them to learn to face life and society on their own. ”

Society is the best classroom

When Victor Li and Richard Li reached the age of eight or nine, Li Ka-shing convened the board of directors and let two sons sit in a specially-designed chair to attend the meeting. After graduating with honors at Stanford University in the United States, two sons wanted to work in his father's company. But Li Ka-shing said to them: "I think you still have to play the country, let the practice prove that you are qualified to my company to serve." ”

Two brothers suddenly understood, the original father is to push them to society, to face, the world, exercise.

Must be grounded.

The most powerful people are always those who dare to make their own decisions. They do not believe that luck will be floated. And believe that the lucky master is himself. According to Li Ka-shing's successful experience, we can get an answer: The Hand of fortune is not in God. And in his own hands. Those who are down-to-earth talent is their own master, is the owner of their wealth life.

Keep a positive attitude

If you play your mind with a positive attitude and believe that success is your right, your faith will make you achieve all your definite goals. But if you accept a negative mindset and all you think about is fear and frustration, then all you get is fear and failure. In the body of defects, birth of humble, forward in the "natural and natural disasters" and so on, holding a negative mentality of people complaining, self-decadent, not escape, is to be weary. However, people who have a positive attitude will never lose the joy of life, meet the difficulties, and eventually become a reality. Li Ka-shing is such a "Superman" who keeps a positive attitude under all circumstances. ”

Grasp the initial time

There is no absolute formula for pursuing success in business. But if you can rely on certain principles, you can improve the hope of success a lot. Success is actually relative. The process of entrepreneurship, in fact, perseverance and perseverance of the development process, which does not have any developed secrets, but truly China's ancient motto of the "Diligent" and "thrifty" is not easy. In addition, from the beginning of entrepreneurship, but also to continue to learn, grasp the initial time.

Accumulation of experience is the foundation of success

The power of skill, there is no magic and mystery, it needs the usual deeds accumulation. Adhere to the "Believe I can do" attitude, virtually will produce the ability, skills and energy of these necessary conditions. Whenever you believe that "I can do it," you will naturally come up with "how to do it." ”

Be your own boss.

To achieve great things, you should first put aside the "crutches" of independence. If you can't do this, then you'd better bury your ambition and be a normal person all your life.

Three: Make money by chance, success by credibility

Some people say that a person with credibility is a true gentleman.

"Xinyi" has always been the motto of the Upright gentlemen and the expectations of many parents for their children. Li Ka-shing can develop to this day, as he said, by hard work, more by faith. In the Business field, Li Ka-shing believes that credibility is a valuable operating capital, he always put this business thinking to his son. At times, he was almost obsessed with the Lutheran. This obsession is also affecting his two sons, can be said, these 10 words are Li Ka-shing for business sons of the greatest advice.

Opportunities for those who are prepared

The most important thing for a businessman is to seize the moment. Hit your goals one by one. This can be small to large. From weak to strong. So Li Ka-shing has acquired the "seize the opportunity to never let go" skill. Li Ka-shing to his son revealed: In life, the most important thing is to keep faith. I'm not going to be able to cope with so much business if I have 10 times times more money. And a lot of people are actively looking for me. These are the results of trustworthy, visible credibility in action.

Credibility creates more opportunities

"A man of credit will have more opportunities than a man who has no credit, no laziness, no money, no aren't eager." This sentence is the advice of Li Ka-shing to his son, but also the motto of his struggle.

Business benefits of being honest with others

"Speak Credit, enough friends." For so many years, almost to this day, anyone in any country, a Chinese in any province, with me as a partner, after cooperation can become good friends, never a thing has been unhappy, this I am proud of. ”

Earn a Happy money!

"Some businesses, how much money I do not earn, because already know harmful to people, even if the community allows to do, I will not do." This is not only the principle of Li Ka-shing's business, but also his rule. For successful people like Li Ka-shing, the purpose of their struggle is not simple money, they are pursuing a dream. The power and pleasure of this dream is much greater than the mere need to gain more money.

To create their own integrity image for a lifetime

"Credibility is not to be measured by money, is the survival and development of the magic weapon." To treat people with integrity, but also should be to any one of the community, any one of the organization's commitment must be done. Otherwise, it can not be called integrity. To be able to do whatever the organization of what people are honest, and finally must be praised by all, the company's reputation naturally built up.

Keep in mind the commitments made

In 1990, Li Ka-shing brought back two sons who were still abroad to Hong Kong, intending to let them stay with them and teach the way of doing business. Due to the influence of traditional Chinese culture, Li Ka-shing always put "keep promise" as a basic rule of his life. He did it all his life, and he taught two sons.

Four: Patience waits for the successful arrival

Li Ka-shing often told his sons that embark into a forest, a bigger brand, attention to detail, patience, and so on, to achieve the career you can imagine.

"Fine business, patient-oriented" is the slogan of Changjiang industry. What many people do not know is that these eight words are still the "house Rules" of the Li Ka-shing family.

In Li Ka-shing's business decision-making, the most noteworthy is that he in every decision-making before the overall consideration, a comprehensive analysis, once the matter is decided, then resolutely resolute never to be a mess. In particular, Li Ka-shing has a good habit of dealing with problems, that is, never drill "niu Jiao jian", he will consider, weigh the pros and cons, and then pick a fast road.

Take the key step of chess

Business people like to play chess real chess players are fond of competing with the strong, because this can improve their strength. Only those who don't want to be superior players are afraid to compete with the strongest. Some people do not understand this, so there is no big improvement, they have to look at the beginning is not stronger than their own people. In Li Ka-shing's view, the Battle of the sea, can be said everywhere have opponents, and even a "killer", but the key to take a step chess is very important.

Patient Achievement Big Career

Patience is a compulsory course for those who wish to become major events. When the situation is clearly unfavourable or unclear, it is advisable to remain cautious and prepare for the necessary conditions on the one hand, while awaiting the opportunity. If it is driven by immediate interests, an attempt to win is likely to lead to a losing victory.

Force yourself to settle down

"People, in fact, are the same, of course, they want to do what they want to do." For example, when I started the Yangtze River, my budget was only three years. Then, like my grandparents, my parents, to engage in education, to say the truth, at first I did not like to do business at all. But then, the change of living environment, ideal is one thing, reality is another, slowly, I forced myself to set the heart, forcing myself to cultivate the interest of business. Then, there is really interest, so that all the way to continue to develop to today. "

The knowledge of steadiness and development

Li Ka-shing's consistent style is "steady in the pursuit of development, development does not forget the sound." , "Stability" is calm, calm, not brain fever, only prudent thinking, steady decision, sometimes Ning later one step, not detours, it is this "stability in the" strategy, so that he on the road to create one after another brilliant

Five: Have the courage to have a strategy

"Know difficult to go on, the care of the handsome" is to dare to meet the difficulties and learn to give up.

In the face of difficult problems, Li Ka-shing is able to know the difficulties, and the death of the handsome, is a bold and strategic combination of large businessmen. He often told his two sons, a man only has the guts to be able to create a day in this era, but in the conservative period, the courage is far from enough, but also have a strategy. In many cases, strategies tend to be much more important than daring.

The strategy of commercial warfare

The role of interpersonal relationships for business is also very large, "both means" the word. It is often used to describe the ability of those who are in a relationship with each other, and also in the process of doing business, the wisdom and ability of both worlds are particularly needed. Li Ka-shing is trying to be a duck to his opponent.

The enemy can victorious

The most terrible person in the world is not a bosom friend does not know the situation, on the rush to action, this blindness once called the world how many people have suffered. Businessmen are the most taboo to attack blindly. Mistakenly think oneself can succeed, actually is disorderly shot, result lead to miss. Of course, it's hard to be rich. Sometimes, big adventures can get big gains. But. Adventure can not be blind, to organize tightly, do not play unprepared, no confidence in the war. Li Ka-shing reminds himself of the readiness and certainty of his fight, which is one of the keys to his success.

Lock in development goals

If you want to achieve your life, no matter what kind of life, you must first set goals for yourself. Without a goal, nothing can happen and no steps can be taken. If an individual has no goal, it can only wander on the journey of life, never to any place. Only by targeting development goals can we take action to pursue a high-quality life.

What to do when it's good or bad

"Don't look so good when you're good, don't look too bad when you're poor." To meet equals to lose the momentum of the forward, play a big thing must be not satisfied with their own achievements. If one thing in the weather, geography, people and other aspects are memorizing, that certainly will not succeed, this time must be good at accumulating knowledge, summing up lessons learned, to the people with wide sincerity, to maintain their credibility, helpful, to subordinate staff as far as possible to sympathize with them, to care for them, to friends do loyalty, even if encountered poor environment, Also do not 徨, poor time do not see too bad, things will always change, there will be a transfer of the scope of the atlas.

Seize the market opportunity

"The first step" is to occupy the market's important business strategy, the market "quotes" that, Lana, it with the supply and demand state changes and constantly change. Enterprises to continue to improve the level of operation, the market must be a sensitive, rapid response, seize the opportunity to win quickly, otherwise it can only become yesterday yellow. "Rare is the time, volatile is the opportunity", this is the merchant's cautionary prov language.

Wits not to fight the force

The good is the thing, do not win by force, can outsmart. Li Ka-shing knows that the result of "fighting force" is often a loss, even if the victory is not strong, will pay a heavy price, only adhere to the "wits", to avoid unnecessary losses, in the fierce competition in the market

Six: If someone gives up, you're going to be shot.

Any industry, has its own climax and trough.

In the trough, quite a large part of the enterprise will choose to give up, some because of the short-sighted and give up, there are a variety of reasons and have to give up. Therefore, Li Ka-shing told his two sons: at this time must calm down to seriously analyze, is not this industry has reached the end of the day, is not there will be the climax of the date? If you think about it, take the time to find the biggest margin of profit from what others give up.

The mall needs judgment.

Judgment is the essential quality and ability of a businessman to succeed, because the businessman must dare to fight and dare to spell, and the person who dares to fight must have a sharp eye. Judge accurately to become a real strategist, and open the big business situation.

Learn to pulse in the trough period

The biggest goal of businessmen is to seize the market, who can seize the market, who is the big winner. The pulse of the market is a key point that savvy businessmen are very careful to grasp, and it should be said that the most successful business is a battle of wisdom that follows the market.

Don't let the saturation period descend

"There is no reason that an industry alone will thrive forever, and the market will naturally saturate at some point." When the market is saturated, profits can only be kept stable, no breakthrough. From the saturation period, the product will step down period, and then extinction period. In times of saturation, successful entrepreneurs should be deployed and leave the market at the right time.

Learn to be a wise man

"To be successful in the marketplace, you must first learn to deal with your own money and understand that money is hard to come by." To cherish it well, to keep it, taboo and booze, spend a naked, otherwise it will not be with you for a long time. Because money itself seems to be spiritual, when you ignore it. It's going to break up with you mercilessly. ”

Seven: Understanding the employment is the premise of success

Business development is huge, but also to understand the way of employing, the discerning, Li Ka-shing that "Hui" is out of a "heart."

"To manage a big company, you can't do everything yourself, first of all to let employees have a sense of belonging, so that they work at ease, then, you must first let them like you." ”

To add emotion to scientific management

The problem of enterprise management system is different from the transactional problem, the transactional problem does not affect the overall situation, but also easy to solve, and the institutional problems are often global in nature, and if not resolved in time, will directly affect the future and fate of the enterprise. On this issue, Li Ka-shing foresight, a lot of painstaking efforts.

The key to a successful career is the help of capable

The importance of talent to the enterprise, as the boss who all know. But when employing, what is the person, but there are levels, skills and merits of the points. In the process of enterprise development, in different stages, the role of the business owners is different, and the owners of the auxiliary personnel, in different stages of its role is not the same.

Enable new people to inject vitality into the enterprise

"Water can carry boats, but also to overturn it", Li Ka-shing is very clear about what a company is most important, he is a talent, but not the background of talent, as long as the ability, he is a guest. Li Ka-shing thinks that talent is very important, even more important than money. He warned his sons, the enterprise development to a certain time, must be bold to enable new people, because the new people can inject vitality into the enterprise.

Always consider the interests of others

To understand the hope of subordinates, in addition to life, should give employees a good future, and all in the interests of employees, especially in old age, the company should give employees absolute protection, so that employees have a sense of belonging to the group, in order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

You can catch a mouse is a good cat

"In my mind, no matter what kind of skin color you are, no matter what nationality you are, as long as you contribute to the company, loyal, willing to do things, have a sense of belonging, there is a long-term plan, I will help him slowly through a period to become the core molecule, this is my company's policy. ”

Eight: Do not have a single business feeling

21st century is the most expensive talent, and the most expensive talent is all-rounder.

The so-called all-rounder, not refers to any skill can be understood, but not only for a business study thoroughly, a direct point, is not with the business "Love", that is, do not indulge in any one business. He cautioned his sons that, in the eyes of a true business person, there should be only profitable business, not perpetual business. Any business, when it passes its own maturity stage, will inevitably go to the decline, and this time if not self-adjustment, but also hold, will inevitably with the decline of the business to fail.

Revelation from job-hopping to people

"In a rapidly changing society, you should be prepared for innovation, strength, and preparedness, no matter how well you develop." It is on this basis that Li Ka-shing is stepping into success.

Do not "fall in Love" with business

"Don't fall in love with the business", that is, don't indulge in any business. "This is a kind of psychological sentiment that is detached from business after having rich business experience."

Every place in the world has a market

When Li Ka-shing's career was successful, he did not confine his vision to Hong Kong, but to the world, to the internationalization of the business, because it is a market in every corner. Li Ka-shing is always able to stand in the global perspective to his position, to choose the mode of operation, to bring shock to the world.

Don't worry, no business.

Li Ka-shing is the most fastidious sincerity, with a sincere heart to treat others. He not only often said: "Not afraid of business to do, it is afraid to do business." "And the problem is always first in the other side of the position to consider."

There's a compass in the head.

A person who wants to get rid of the plight of survival, change their survival disadvantage, in the life of the problem must have accurate judgment, to be able to in their favorite "business" in the incisively and vividly play an advantage, so that you can save yourself, otherwise in the wrong line, you will be in front of many people in the wind, Feel yourself at a disadvantage everywhere. That is to say, in order to become a big thing, there is no compass in mind.

Nine: to always consider the interests of partners

Who is the partner and what does the partner do for themselves? It is easy to understand this sentence if you think clearly about this problem.

The partnership is a mutually reinforcing and complementary relationship, in the process of engaging in a business activity, if both sides take 50% profit, the activity can be carried out quickly, if willing to the profit of 60% to each other? Therefore, "to do any business, we must always consider the interests of partners." ”

To consider the interests of each other

The biggest business needs to strive for the cooperation of as many people as possible, and according to the modern business philosophy, the interests of the same can be sincere cooperation, therefore, we must put the issue of interest in the important position, including the interests of subordinate and the interests of external partners.

Choose a partner.

As the saying goes: "A fence three piles, a man three help." "To achieve a big business, the light of their own personal strength is negligible, is far from enough." Therefore, to draw on the power of others, gather the wisdom of the community, can open the door to success.

Bring kindness into the blood

Good personality and character is a measure of the size of businessmen a standard. Every good businessman knows the power of the brand, so it is very good at strengthening their brand strength. Li Ka-shing donated countless, these good magnanimous act undoubtedly embodies Li Ka-shing's high personality and moral character, but also for him and his business to win a sound public image and corporate brand effect.

Let the business come home automatically

"To have credit, you have confidence in your home." I have been doing business for so many years that I can say that there is a 70% chance that people will find me first. In life, the most important thing is to keep faith. I'm going to have 10 times times more money now. is not enough to deal with so much business. And a lot of people are actively looking for me. These are the consequences of being trustworthy. "

Investment Office Education

A businessman must consider the value of his or her reputation only for profit. Li Ka-shing thinks. There are two types of investors: one for profit and one for fame. The former is the law of business, the latter is the rule. Wholly owned by Shantou University. More is Li Ka-shing Patriotic magnanimous Act a monument. For Li Ka-shing himself. This is also a big priority, because he wants everyone to do things.

Ten: Willing to think about the future with heart

The famous Fortune magazine of the United States has interviewed Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's most successful wealth elite, on the occasion of the Fortune Global Forum held in Hong Kong.

In the interview, Li Ka-shing confided in his success: willing to think about the major trends to have "savvy", can earn huge profits, will become a big winner. In fact, what he often said to his sons was these words. Li Ka-shing can become a world-class rich, the wealth of the secret of many, but "willing to think about the future" is one of the most important, can be described as a word is gold, is worth learning and learn from the "wealth" canon.

Who I want to be in the future

The function of the human eye is to discover, to gain insight into the human nature, to find the knowledge and opportunity for oneself, in order to let oneself at a higher starting point of valuable experience to start. The ancients said, "All things are learned, human sophistication is the article." "A person to do anything, can not be separated from the" world "and" human sophistication "these eight words, for those who are interested in doing business, especially this.

Sometimes the back is in

To retreat's strategy is the most powerful weapon that can be used to deal with many things. The concession is not to yield, do not get down because of concessions. To know that the concession is for the future attack, always keep in mind this point can maintain control ability. To gain enough time and space to adjust themselves, waiting for the opportunity to control the overall situation.

Ideals Drive Power

Ideal is a kind of power, is a motive force, is an invisible pressure, so that entrepreneurs in the fierce competition, better than competitors, to stand out, not to bend under the people. This kind of pressure is the pressure that leads to success, not to the negative effect. Pressure is to promote the individual forward, as long as the entrepreneur can cope with the pressure, the pressure will not constitute a problem, but the success of stepping stone, is the driving force of success.

Be prepared for all the time

Business competition, strategy and technology use is the key to win, and in the enterprise competition in the invincible, it is necessary to surprise, unexpectedly. In this regard, Li Ka-shing shares the same understanding with other Chinese giants.

You don't want to do it.

For anything, if you can often ask a "why", "how", it is possible to produce novel ideas. In addition to have hands-on enthusiasm, to experience how to do something, do not know things to ask as much as possible, light want to do not.

[Turn] Li Ka-shing gave his sons 10 words

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