Turn off Windows 7 unwanted services to speed up your system

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Understanding these system processes, you can turn off the unused services, in order to reduce the memory occupancy rate, improve the system running speed, very practical!

Add: Some netizens asked, how to open these system services, altar friends @kayy509 has answered, in the "Run" input services.msc enter can be opened, as shown

Right-click to start or stop a service.

In the Windows system, the default with a lot of services to maintain the system many functions of the operation, these system services in the open operation will also occupy a lot of resources, if they do not need to shut down the service, you can reasonably optimize the system, improve operating system speed! share Windows below 7 functions of various services, friends can be based on their own needs reasonable settings!

Adaptive brightness

Monitor the ambient light condition to adjust the screen tone, and if the service is disabled, the screen brightness will not automatically adjust to ambient light conditions. The default operation of this service is manual, if you do not use a touch screen a kind of intelligent adjustment screen brightness device, this feature can be assured to disable.

Application Layer Gateway Service

Windows Xp/vista also has this service, the role is similar, is the system with a firewall and open ICS shared Internet-dependent services, if equipped with a third-party firewall and do not need to use ICS to share the Internet, can be disabled completely.

Application Management

The service defaults to a manual operation, which is primarily applicable to centralized management in a large enterprise environment, so home users can safely disable the service.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Transmits data between the client and the server in the background. If BITS is disabled, some features, such as Windows Update, do not work correctly. The default operation of this service is automatic, and the primary purpose of this service is for Windows Update or Automatic Updates, and it is best not to change this service.

Base filtering Engine

It also provides dependency services for system firewalls, VPNs, and IPSec, as well as system security services, if you are using Third-party VPN dial-up software and you do not use the system's firewall and ICS to share the Internet, shut it down for system resources, or don't move it.

BitLocker Drive Encryption Service

Provides BitLocker client service to the user interface and automatically unlocks the data volume. The default operation of the service is manual, and if you are not using a BitLocker device, this feature can be safely disabled.

Block level Backup Engine Service

It is estimated that the service used for backup recovery has no dependencies, is manual by default, and has never been seen to be launched. Just put it there, don't worry about it.

Bluetooth Support Service

If you are not using a Bluetooth device, this feature can be safely disabled.

Certificate propagation

Provide certificates for smart cards. The default mode of operation for this service is manual. If you are not using a smart card, you can safely disable the service.

CNG Key Isolation

Then this service will be used, it is recommended not to use the automatic wired network configuration and the wireless network can be turned off.

Computer Browser

However, if you do not use the LAN or you do not want to use the LAN, the function can be assured to disable, disable the successor can be used

Diagnostic Policy Service

The Diagnostic Policy Service provides diagnostic support for Windows components. If the service is stopped, the System Diagnostics tool will not function correctly. If the service is disabled, any other services that depend on the service will not function properly. The default operation of the service is automatic, Vista or IE7 sometimes pop-up dialog box to ask you if you need to let it help find the cause of the failure, only 1% of the case it will help repair the Internet disconnection problem, can be turned off.

Diagnostic Service Host

This is to help the above diagnostic Policy service to do specific things, will start with the above services, can be turned off together.

Diagnostic System Host

The basic and diagnostic Policy service/diagnostic Service host are homogeneous and can be turned off together.

Distributed Link Tracking Client:

This feature is generally not used, can be safely disabled.

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Many applications, as well as Sql,exchange BizTalk and other server software are dependent on this service, can not start it, but do not disabled it.

Extensible Authentication Protocol

Do not start it without 802.1x authentication, wireless network, or VPN, do not disabled it.


Send and receive faxes using the available fax resources on your computer or network. Needless to say, it is clear that it is related to the fax. Manual or disabled

Function Discovery Provider Host

Feature discovery provider's host process. Pnp-x and SSDP related, if no related equipment shut it.

Function Discovery Resource Publication

Pnp-x and SSDP related, if no related equipment shut it.

HomeGroup Listener

Provides a receiving service for a family group, which is operated by default, and can be disabled if you do not use a family group to share picture videos and documents.

HomeGroup Provider

Provides a network service for a family group, which operates automatically by default, and can be disabled if you do not use a family group to share picture videos and documents.

Human Interface Device Access

If you don't want the extra buttons on your machine or laptop keyboard to work, you can turn off the service without a game handle.

IKE and AuthIP IPsec keying Modules

It can be disabled without a VPN or with a third party VPN dial-up.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

If you do not intend this computer to act as the ICS host, the service may be disabled or it needs to be enabled.

IP Helper

Plainly is to let IPV4 and IPV6 mutually compatible, now the situation is not special needs, in fact, set into disabled also no harm.

IPsec Policy Agent

The network environment requirements for some companies must be turned on to provide an end-to-end secure connection between the client and the server on a TCP/IP network. Other scenarios are recommended to be disabled.

KTMRM for distributed Transaction Coordinator

is more useful for developers, and is set to manual for general users or non-developers.

Link-layer topology Discovery Mapper

It should be supported by Lltd (Link Layer topology Discovery) technology, which can accurately display the location of the device supporting LLTD in the network structure, such as Vista wireless map, keep the default manual.

Microsoft ISCSI Initiator Service

If this machine does not have iSCSI devices and does not need to connect and access remote iSCSI devices, set to disabled.

Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider

Shadow copies, if not needed, can be set to disabled.

Net.TCP Port Sharing Service

General users and non-developers, or disabled on the line.


The login field will use it. The workgroup environment can be set to disabled.

Offline Files

Offline file service, which uses this feature to cache shared content on the network locally, and to turn it off.

Parental Controls

Parental control services, used in IE Internet settings, if you are using the computer, turn it off.

Peer Name resolution Protocol/peer networking Grouping/peer networking Identity Manager

If you do not try WCF's peer-to-peer functionality or development, then you can turn it off with all two related services.

Pnp-x IP Bus Enumerator

Not at the moment, shut it down!

PNRP Machine Name Publication Service

Generally do not need it. Default can be.

Portable Device Enumerator Service

Used to synchronize data and clocks for Windows Media Player and mobile media player such as MP3. If you do not need to sync the recommended shutdown.

Print Spooler

Loads the file into memory for later printing. Print Service, needless to say, there (including virtual) on the open, not on the off.

Problem Reports and Solutions control Panel Support

Open it can not solve the problem of your computer. Disable it.

Program Compatibility Assistant Service

If you use the Program Compatibility Assistant or you need to set your programs to run in a compatible mode, such as running in Win98 or Windows 2000, change to Automatic, strongly recommend setting to Automatic, if there is no such program, Just turn it off.

Quality Windows Audio Video Experience

Personally feel this does not have any effect, support this kind of technology network Service also is not many. or system resources are more important, shut it down.

Remote Desktop configuration/remote Desktop services/remote Desktop Services usermode Port Redirector

The system's own Remote Desktop service, and if it is not used, turn it off with the two services associated with it.

Remote Registry

It is best for home users to disable this service, and corporate governance needs to be opened.

Routing and Remote Access

Provide routing services to enterprises in LAN and WAN environments. that provides routing services. No, it's off.

Secondary Logon

Allows a machine to have two users logged in at the same time, the basic need for personal applications.

Security Center

Monitor system security settings and configuration. If you don't want to hear it, close it.


If you don't need to share anything on the network, you can turn it off.

Shell Hardware Detection

If you do not like the AutoPlay feature, then set it to manual or disable, so you insert a new USB drive, and the system may not have any prompts.

Smart Card/smart Card Removal Policy

If you are not using Smart card, the recommendation is set to disabled.


Allows your machine to handle simple network management protocols, many of which are based on SNMP. It is not recommended to close the network.

SSDP Discovery

Search for devices that use the SSDP discovery protocol, such as some non-Plug and Play devices, and if there are no related devices, you can turn it off.

Tablet PC Input Service

Enable Tablet pc pen and ink features, non-table PC and turn it off without using the handwriting pad.


Allows you to make file and printer sharing and network logons between computers. You do not need to be able to close.


ADSL dialing will use this service, if it is a router to surf the Internet, you can shut it down.

Thread Ordering Server

Provides special thread sorting and scheduling services that, if not used, can be set to manual but not recommended for automatic setting.

TPM Base Services

can be set to manual if you do not use a computer with a TPM module, you can disable it.

Virtual Disk

Provides management services for disks, volumes, file systems, and storage arrays. Provide management of storage device software volumes and hardware volumes and do not set them to disabled.


Simply put, if you don't need a web directory or similar functionality, you can turn it off.

Windows Backu

Provides Windows backup and restore capabilities. Windows Backup and version recovery, which is not working well, can be turned off.

Windows Biometric Service

If you do not use biometric devices, such as fingerprint identification system, this feature can be safely disabled, otherwise keep the default.

Windows CardSpace

Personal identity management like smart card, a WCF programming model provided by the. NET Framework 3.0. The general user can close.

Windows Connect Now–config Registrar

The thing that the wireless network wants to use, if not, close it.

Windows Defender

can enhance security, prevent Trojans and some malicious programs, the most important is free. You do not need to be able to close.

Windows Error Reporting Service

No one likes to be wrong, and for you and Microsoft, error reporting is useless. Shut it down.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall doesn't have to say much more. Disable if you do not need it.

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

Specifically for scanners and digital cameras, such as providing image capture and acquisition capabilities. There is on the open, not on the off.

Windows Media Center Service launcher/windows Media Center Receiver service/windows Media Center Scheduler Service

Using the network to transfer multimedia files for Windows Media Extender (like the Xbox) is recommended, unless you need this feature.

Windows Modules Installer

If you do not use Windows Updates, you can prohibit this service.

Windows time

and server synchronization time, generally I have to close it.

Windows Update

This functionality is up to you, and it is associated with Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Modules installer services.

WinHTTP Web Proxy auto-discovery Service

This service enables applications to support the application of the WPAD protocol because it is not used in most cases. Recommended shutdown.

Wired AutoConfig

This service performs IEEE 802.1X authentication on the Ethernet interface. In fact, a lot of time, or to set their own. Default can be.

WLAN AutoConfig

You can turn it off without a wireless network.

WWAN AutoConfig

If you do not use the WWAN device, this feature can be safely disabled, otherwise keep the default.

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