[Turn]eclipse's Android Smart tips settings

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In the past, we often enter "." And then alt+/to do smart hints, the following method can help you greatly improve the intelligence
Open the settings interface for Perferences, which opens the Perferences (preferences), Eclipse, Window.

Find content Assist under editor under Java, and in the options that appear on the right, there is an auto activation triggers for Java: (the automatic activation trigger for Java) will see only one "." Exist. Indicates: Only input "." Then there will be code hints, which is where we want to modify, but eclipse only allows 4 custom characters to be entered by default.

However, we can export the current settings, save it as a file, then modify it in the file, and then import the settings so that you can break the eclipse limit.

First, put the "." Enter a few random characters, such as "ASDF", and click "OK" at the bottom to save the settings.

Then open the File-and export of Eclipse, in the window, expand General, Perferences (preferences)-->export all (export All) and click NEXT. Then click "Browse" to select any one of the paths, save the configuration file, then click "Finish".

Use Notepad to open the configuration file that you just saved (extension file name: *.EPF), press "CTRL + F", enter the "asdf" that you just set, and locate the string. Change "asdf" to "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz." (Note that there is one last point that cannot be written off), then save and exit Notepad.

Open Eclipse's file, import, and then in the Open window expand General, Perferences (Preferences), click Next, select the configuration file you just modified, Finish.
Now, open window (Windows), Perferences (Preferences), and expand Content Assist (editor), Java------more than 4 characters, Which means we enter any letters and "." There will be code hints.

After the modification, the default is that you enter a character 200 milliseconds after the code hint, if the input is a card, you need to increase the hint delay, if you think it is too slow, can be modified to a smaller number, but the smaller the number, the higher the system performance requirements, I set the 50 milliseconds. Now, is eclipse more handy? And much like the automatic smart tip for Visual Studio 2008?

[Turn]eclipse's Android Smart tips settings

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