Tutorial on FTP Server SETUP

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Tutorial on FTP Server SETUP (general Linux technology-Linux technology and application. Tutorial on FTP Server SETUP)
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1. Install and start the service
Service vsftpd start
2. Main configuration file
/Etc/vsftpd. conf
3. Modify the master configuration file
Vi/etc/vsftpd. conf
4. Restart the service
Service vsftpd restart

1. Access Method
Ftp: // anonymous login
Ftp: // root: 123456@ System User Login
Command Access
Cmd-> ftp
Get/put download/upload
Linux dir (view directory) cd (change path)
Window! Dir LCD
2. Some users are allowed to log on
Drop user list:/etc/vsftpd. ftpusers Default root reject
Some allow all deny lists:/etc/vsftpd. user_list
If you add a field to the configuration file
Userlist_deny = NO
The users in/etc/vsftpd. user_list can access the ftp server, and all others are rejected.
Note: deny first

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