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In the previous Photoshop tutorial, we shared the Photoshop installation action, the Photoshop installation Brush tutorial, in today's tutorial, we will share the Photoshop installation filter tutorial, Photoshop filters are a very important operation in Photoshop, so how does Photoshop install filters? Let's take a look at today's Photoshop Tutorial!


tutorial for installing filters in Photoshop:

In Photoshop, filters change pixel data in different ways to achieve a special effect on the image. One of the Photoshop filters for Photoshop's plug-in filters. There are three types of filters in PHOTOSHOP: An inner filter, a built-in filter (with a filter), and an external filter (a third-party filter). Built-in filters and external filters are placed under the Plug-ins subdirectory in the Photoshop installation directory. The inner filter refers to the filters inside the Photoshop program (a total of 6 groups of 24), which are determined by the Photoshop program for the image processing algorithm. Built-in filters are those filters (total 12 groups of 76) that are installed automatically by the installer to the Plug-ins directory when Photoshop is installed by default. A plug-in filter is a filter that is developed by Third-party vendors for Photoshop In addition to the above two categories, and these filters are targeted to improve the functionality of Photoshop. In some specific areas, the external filter processing effect is more convenient and quicker than Photoshop.

Filters developed by third parties are used as cosmetic filters because they are like plug-ins and are supplemental programs that extend host application software. PHOTOSHOP calls the plug-in filter in and out of memory as needed. Because it is not a fixed code written in the basic application software, the plug-in filter has great flexibility and, most importantly, can be updated with the intent to update the plug-in without having to update the entire application. At present, a number of software developers at home and abroad are engaged in the research and development of Photoshop plug filter, incomplete statistics, so far, a total of more than 800 plug filters available for Photoshop to choose from home.

Installing the Photoshop CS2 plug-in filter method

1, many plug-in filters are copied to the Photoshop CS2 file price of the Plug-ins directory can be. When the Photoshop CS2 is started, the program automatically loads a variety of plug-in filters from the Plug-ings file price.

2, after decompression directly into your Photoshop installation folder in the filter (plug-ins) directory

For example, I'm using a CS2 installed in D disk.

So the path is: D:/program files/adobe/adobe Photoshop cs2/plug-ins

After running PS "edit" "-〉" preset "-〉" and Scratch disk "-〉 check" other Plug-ins directory, select

Photoshop/adobe/plug-ins folder "-〉" Select this folder can ~ Restart the software, find a new filter in the Filter menu.

3, in addition to direct replication, there are some special circumstances:

1. Some of the plug-in filter itself with the function of searching the Photoshop directory, will be installed in the filter part of the Photoshop directory, the boot section installed in the program files. This software may require you to register to use, if you do not register, every time you start the computer will be prompted to register a dialog box.

2. Some external filters do not have automatic search function, so you must manually select the installation path, and must be in the Plug-ins directory of Photoshop, so that you can successfully install, or you may jump out of a Setup Error dialog box or after installation can not be used.

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