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Hello everyone, today we will install the Web interface websvn for Subversion (SVN) on CentOS 7.0. (Subverion is Apache's top-level project, also known as Apache SVN or SVN)

WEBSVN will svbverion to operate the various functions of your warehouse through the Web interface. It allows us to see a log of any file or directory of any given version, and to see a list of all file changes, additions, and deletions. We can also look at the differences between the two versions to see what the specific version has changed.


The WEBSVN provides the following features:

Easy to use user interface

Customizable template system

A list of colored files

Retrospective view

Log information Query

RSS support

Because it is written in PHP, WEBSVN is also easy to migrate and install.

Now we will install WEBSVN for Subverison. Please make sure that SVN is installed on your server. If you have not yet installed, you can follow this tutorial to install.

After you install SVN, you need the following steps.

1. Download WEBSVN

You can download WEBSVN from the official website http://www.websvn.info/download/. We first enter the/var/www/html/and download the installation package here.

The code is as follows:

$ sudo-s

Please execute the above command in the shell or terminal because we need to switch to root to have access to the restricted zone of the system.

The code is as follows:

# cd/var/www/html

# wget Http://websvn.tigris.org/files/documents/1380/49057/websvn-2.3.3.zip

Here, I download the latest version of the 2.3.3 websvn. You can find the download link from the above website and replace the link with the link for your package.

2. Unzip the downloaded zip

The code is as follows:

# Unzip Websvn-2.3.3.zip

# MV websvn-2.3.3 WEBSVN

3. Install PHP

The code is as follows:

# Yum Install PHP

4. Edit WEBSVN Configuration

Now we need to copy the distconfig.php for config.php in/var/www/html/websvn/include, and then edit the configuration file.

The code is as follows:

# Cd/var/www/html/websvn/include

# CP distconfig.php config.php

# Nano config.php

Now we need to change the file as follows. When you are finished, save and exit.

The code is as follows:

Configure these lines if your commands aren ' t on your path.


$config->setsvncommandpath ('/usr/bin '); e.g. C:Program Filessubversionbin

$config->setdiffpath ('/usr/bin ');

For syntax colouring, if option enabled ...

$config->setenscriptpath ('/usr/bin ');

$config->setsedpath ('/bin ');

For delivered tarballs, if option enabled ...

$config->settarpath ('/bin ');

For delivered GZIP ' d files and tarballs, if option enabled ...

$config->setgzippath ('/bin ');


$config->parentpath ('/svn/');

$extEnscript [". pl"] = "Perl";

$extEnscript [". py"] = "python";

$extEnscript [". sql"] = "SQL";

$extEnscript [". Java"] = "Java";

$extEnscript [". html"] = "html";

$extEnscript [". xml"] = "html";

$extEnscript [". thtml"] = "html";

$extEnscript [". TPL"] = "html";

$extEnscript [". Sh"] = "bash";

5. Start WEBSVN

Now, we are almost done. Now you need to restart the Apache service. You can use the following command.

The code is as follows:

# systemctl Restart Httpd.service

Then we open the WEBSVN in the browser, enter the http://IP address/websvn, or if you are local, you can enter HTTP://LOCALHOST/WEBSVN.

Note: If you encounter a problem like "unable to find" enscript "tool at Location"/usr/bin/enscript, then you need to use "Yum install Enscript" Install Enscript to fix this problem.


OK, we've finished installing the WEBSVN on CentOS 7. This tutorial also applies to Rhel 7.

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