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Wine, a very popular and powerful Open-source application on the Linux platform, with it, we can run Windows apps and games perfectly on the Linux platform.

WINEHQ team, recently announced a new development version of Wine1.7.29. This version brings many important features and fixes 44 bugs.

The wine team publishes new development releases almost every week, adding many new features and fixing vulnerabilities. Each new version will support new applications and games (Windows), which makes wine popular and indispensable for users who want to run Windows applications under Linux.

According to the change log, the following key features are added to this release:

In the Directwrite, an enhanced profile model is added and bidi (translator: bi-directional language) mirrors.

Some page error handling has been upgraded.

More c Run-time functions are added.

Fixed a large number of bugs.

More in-depth details about this version can be found in the official change log.

This article guides you through the installation of the latest development version wine 1.7.29 in systems based on Redhat and Debian, such as Centos,fedora,ubuntu,linux mint and other distributions.

Install Wine 1.7.29 development version in Linux

Unfortunately, there is no official wine warehouse can get the version based on the Redhat system, can only be installed by compiling the source code. To do this, we will first install some development kits such as Gcc,flex,bison,libx11-devel freetype-devel and development tools, and so on. These tools are required to compile the wine source code. We can install these packages through the Yum command.


The code is as follows:

# yum-y Groupinstall ' Development Tools '

# yum-y Install Flex Bison libx11-devel Freetype-devel

Then, use the following command to download the latest development version of wine (1.7.29) and the extract source package.

The code is as follows:

$ cd/tmp

$ wget http://citylan.dl.sourceforge.net/project/wine/Source/wine-1.7.29.tar.bz2

$ TAR-XVF wine-1.7.29.tar.bz2-c/tmp/

Next, compile and install wine using the following command.

Note: The installation process takes approximately 15-20 minutes, which is determined by your network speed and computer hardware configuration, and requires the root password during installation.

32-bit system

The code is as follows:

$CD wine-1.7.29/


64-bit system

The code is as follows:

$ CD wine-1.7.29/


$ make

# make Install

Ubuntu,debian and Linux Mint

Under the Ubuntu system, you can use the official PPA to easily install the latest wine development version. Open a terminal and execute the following commands with sudo permissions.

The code is as follows:

$ sudo add-apt-repository Ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get Install wine 1.7 winetricks

Note: In writing this article, you can only get 1.7.26, the official warehouse has not been updated to the latest version, but when the warehouse is updated to 1.7.29, use the above instructions to install the latest version. (Translator: For Mao I saw the version number is 1.6.2 ...)

After the installation is successful, you can install or run any Windows apps or games, examples are as follows:

The code is as follows:

$ wine Notepad

$ wine notepad.exe

$ Wine C:windowsnotepad.exe

Note: Remember that this is a development version and do not install it on a production system. This version is recommended for testing purposes only.

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