Tutorial on two kinds of seal carving art of Photoshop embossed and engraved (Zhuwen and Bai)

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The seal can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty more than 3,000 years ago, is the symbol of the ancients as a keepsake and personality style, and later through the intervention of the literati became an art form, Yuan Dynasty is the formation of literati painting era, literati painting pursuit of poetry,

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painting, printing combined, popular in painting works Add poetry Tiba and cover author name, font size, alias and poetry motto seal. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, the discovery of stone printing materials for a large number of highly literate literati, calligraphers,

The artist has provided the opportunity to participate in the seal carving creation, thus has promoted the seal cutting art style diversification formation. Literati seal the Wind big line, popular in the market Zhangzhang often interesting: or pick verses or cite allusions, or sonnets.

The art seal is the symbol of the Ming and Qing dynasties carving art prosperity, the Ming and Qing dynasties calligraphy, the painting art development, also led the seal carving art synchronized development. Gossip Less, write this practice post is because, some friends want to take some

Chinese painting artistic conception of the film, with the inscription also do not have some fun, of course, it is best to one or two square seal for the work. Now the seal carving is rare,

Below we will be together in PS P out seal. Seal form roughly divided into embossed and engraved two kinds, also known as Zhuwen and Bai, don't I explain you can also want to. We make these two separately. The content is "seal carving art".

Create a new 400x400 pixel, white background document, double-click on the layers panel to unlock the layer 0.

Sets the foreground color to R230,g30,b30. This is an imitation of the color of the stamp, not certain. The background color is white. Select the Rounded Rectangle tool, the option bar selects the path, the radius is 30 pixels.

Hold down shift to pull a rounded square on the canvas and set the brush tool to 10 pixels in diameter and 100% hardness. Come to the path panel (if not, check in the Window menu), we see that there is a working path here.

The second icon at the bottom of the point panel paints the path with a brush stroke path. Right-click the work path and delete the path.

Select the Text tool, font selection "over the centuries Coarse square seal" (This seal knot word into a square, relatively easy to produce. Provide download) in the Set font size input 160, Input method to select complex, because the font is traditional.

Now we use each word to input separately, easy to resize and move the position individually. Click the Move tool for each word you type, and then lose another word so that each word is a layer.


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