tutorial on using PIL Library to add serial numbers to a picture in Python

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This article mainly introduces Python in the PIL library batch to the picture serial number tutorial, PIL library is in Python a very powerful processing picture library, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

Girlfriend let me give her the picture of the paper with the letter serial number, originally felt is a very simple thing, but that white black word circle ordinal number but puzzled me, tried a few commonly used software, not.

Later with PS + action, but can get out, but also not easy, just that day did not finish, so take back to their home to do, but my computer and no PS, so the use of Python to achieve.

Effect chart

The pictures used here are all 240x240, by the first letter of the file name as the ordinal, PIL although you can calculate the size of the text, but similar to the D character can still not be in the center of the circle, so also the individual characters are offset settings, would like to use Aggdraw to draw a circle, can smooth some, But installed several times, all ended in failure, and finally gave up.


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        Note : more Wonderful tutorials please focus on the triple graphics and text tutorial channels,

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