Tutorials for installing nginx and Google Pagespeed under Ubuntu

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Nginx (Engine-x) is an open source high-performance HTTP server, reverse proxy and IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Nginx outstanding features are: stable, rich feature set, simple configuration and low resource consumption. Nginx is used in some high-performance websites and becomes more and more popular among stationmaster. This tutorial will build a Nginx. Deb installation package for Ubuntu 15.04 from the source code with the Google paespeed module.

Pagespeed is a Web server module developed by Google to speed up site response times, optimize HTML, and reduce page load times. The functions of Ngx_pagespeed are as follows:

Image optimization: Remove metadata, dynamic scaling, and compression.

CSS and JavaScript compression, concatenation, inline, outreach.

Small resource Inline

Image and JavaScript delay loading

HTML rewrite

Cache life Cycle Plug-in

Predecessor requirements

Ubuntu Server 15.04 64-bit

Root Permissions

In this article we will:

Install prerequisite Packages

Installation of Nginx with Ngx_pagespeed


Install prerequisite Packages

The code is as follows:

sudo apt-get install Dpkg-dev build-essential zlib1g-dev libpcre3

Installation of Nginx with Ngx_pagespeed

First step-Add Nginx Warehouse

The code is as follows:


Add the following line:

The code is as follows:

Deb Http://nginx.org/packages/ubuntu/trusty Nginx

DEB-SRC http://nginx.org/packages/ubuntu/trusty Nginx

Update Warehouse:

The code is as follows:

sudo apt-get update

Note: If you see information: GPG error [...] No_pubkey [...] wait a minute.

Please add key:

The code is as follows:

sudo sudo apt-key adv--keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com--recv-keys keynumber

sudo apt-get update

Step Two-Download Nginx 1.8 from the warehouse

The code is as follows:

sudo su

CD ~

Mkdir-p ~/new/nginx_source/

CD ~/new/nginx_source/

Apt-get Source Nginx

Apt-get BUILD-DEP Nginx

Step three-Download pagespeed

The code is as follows:

CD ~

Mkdir-p ~/new/ngx_pagespeed/

CD ~/new/ngx_pagespeed/


wget Https://github.com/pagespeed/ngx_pagespeed/archive/release-${ngx_version}-beta.zip

Unzip Release-${ngx_version}-beta.zip

CD ngx_pagespeed-release-

wget https://dl.google.com/dl/page-speed/psol/${ngx_version}.tar.gz


Step fourth-Configure Nginx to compile Pagespeed

The code is as follows:

CD ~/new/nginx_source/nginx-1.8.0/debin/

VIM rules

Add a module under two cflags. Configure:

--add-module=.. /.. /ngx_pagespeed/ngx_pagespeed-release-

Adding Pagespeed to Nginx

Adding Pagespeed to Nginx

Step Fifth-Pack Nginx packages and install

The code is as follows:

CD ~/new/nginx_source/nginx-1.8.0/


Dpkg-buildpackage will compile ~/new/ngix_source/as Nginx.deb. After the package is complete, look at the table of contents:

The code is as follows:

CD ~/new/ngix_source/


Nginx builded with Pagespeed

Then install the Nginx.

The code is as follows:

Dpkg-i Nginx_1.8.0-1~trusty_amd64.deb


Run the NGINX-V test nginx whether the Ngx_pagespeed has been brought in by itself.

The code is as follows:



A stable, fast, open source Nginx supports many different tuning modules. One of these is Google's development of ' pagespeed '. Unlike the Apache,nginx module, which is not dynamically loaded, you must select the desired module before compiling it.

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