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Tweenlite has a milestone role in Flash Animation. Previously, I always felt that I used flash.CodeHow painful it is to control the animation. After using tweenlite, everything is so simple, just like jquery in JS. Let's talk less about it. Based on my recent use of tweenlite, I feel familiar with filters. I 'd like to give a brief description and try the effects of various filters for reference after I forget them.

1. autoalphaplugin (alpha Control)

Function: controls the visible attribute of the image when the Alpha control is executed. When the alpha of an object approaches 0, visible is set to false, and vice versa.

Sample Code:

Tweenplugin. Activate ([autoalphaplugin]);
Tweenlite. To (MC, 1, {autoalpha: 0 });

During the trial, we found that some filters are not used in the current version and autoalpha can achieve the same effect.


2. bevelfilterplugin (embossed effect)

Function: Add a relief effect to the Display object.


-distance: Number [0] relief offset distance
-angle: Number [0] relief offset angle
-highlightcolor: uint [0 xffffff] highlight part color
-highlightalpha: Number [0.5] highlight part transparency value
-shadowcolor: uint [0x000000] shadow color
-shadowalpha: Number [0.5] shadow transparency value
-blurx: number [2] X-direction relief depth
-blury: Number [2] Y-direction relief depth
-strength: Number [0] softness, A greater value is required.
-quality: uint [2] indicates the generation quality. The default value is
-index: uint
-addfilter: boolean [false]
-Remove: Boolean [false]

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