Two detail issues that are easy to overlook when making a website

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Web page production can be said to be engaged in the IT industry is a necessary skill, the Web page by virtue of the development of the network and the progress of information is more and more enterprises to use, these enterprises because of the lack of web production of all aspects of talent, so still need more professional web page production and design company. Shanghai is an economic and information technology are very developed cities, how to choose the Shanghai website to make a better company? As a member of Shanghai website Construction Company, the website production company should not only pay attention to the technical processing of Web page making, but also pay attention to the details of web design.

One of the details of the Web page making process is to pay attention to the color and basic tones of the site's pages, because the first impression visitors make when browsing the site is the color and basic hue of the page. Zhi-hoon network that the process of making the color of the use of more soft, light color is more recommended. Because the color of the page is too thick to see a long time will produce fatigue, the basic tone also includes color collocation, color matching should be the same colour, do not have too strong contrast, otherwise there will be fatigue, there will be no browsing too long time and energy.

The second need to pay attention to the details of the module should pay attention to the design and code optimization, continuous code optimization to achieve the optimal combination of each module and the simplest code to achieve the purpose of the enterprise to achieve, because good module settings and code optimization will improve the speed of the site, If you want to open an interesting site but it takes a long time, encounter such a situation a lot of people will directly off or transfer to open other sites, such a site will lose a lot of visitors, and the slow speed of the site is often due to the setting of the module is unreasonable, the Web page is too many of the code is not simplified and caused.

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