Two-dimensional arrays and pointers pointing to pointers

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A problem raised by a question, first of all know [] the priority is higher than *, the title:

Char **p,a[6][8]; Q. Does p=a cause problems with the program at a later time? Why?

Directly with the program description:

#include <stdio.h>

void Main ()
Char **p,a[6][8];
p = A;
printf ("\ n");

Compile, and then you will find that the error is incorrect 1: "=": "Cannot convert from" char [6][8] "to" char * * * "C2440

So, I looked at "c expert programming" in section 10.5-using a pointer to a function to pass a multidimensional array.

Method One, the function is void fun (int arr[2][3]); This method can only handle arrays of type int of 2 rows and 3 columns.

Method Two, you can omit the length of the first dimension. The function is void fun (int arr[][3]), which, while limiting some slack, can only handle an array of 3 integer lengths per line.

or write this form void fun (int (*arr) [3]); This is an array pointer or a row pointer, arr and * First combine to make ARR a pointer to a pointer with 3

An array of data of type int.

Method Three, create a one-dimensional array, the elements in the array are pointers to other things, also known as Level two pointers. The function is an int fun (int **arr), which dynamically handles data that is not the same length for each column of the row.

Note: You can do this only if you change the two-dimensional array to a pointer array that points to a vector. For example, the following program can output ABC normally:


In the "C Expert Programming" 10.3 section of the small inspiration to speak very thorough: (The following text and contrast must be carefully analyzed!) )

How are array and pointer parameters modified by the compiler?

The " array name is rewritten as a pointer parameter" rule is not recursively defined. Arrays of arrays are rewritten as "pointers to arrays" instead of " pointer pointers":

Parameters that are matched by an argument

Array of array char c[8][10];          CHAR (*) [10]; Array pointers

Pointer array char *c[10];               Char **c; Pointer to pointers

Array pointer (row pointer) char (*C) [10];        char (*C) [10]; does not change

Pointer to the pointer char **c;               Char **c; does not change

Next look at a netizen of a section of the analysis quite to force the code:


Two-dimensional arrays and pointers pointing to pointers

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