Two-dimensional simple PS tips?

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two times character pencil line production

First of all international practice, take a picture to copy again. (can prevent the damage cannot find the original image, to get the best copy and then start editing)

Copy again and use Ctrl+i to reverse the topmost layer.

Layer state at this time:

Change the top-level layer blending mode to linear dodge (add) complete.

The minimum filter parameter is 1.

Merge two layers, shift+ctrl+u to color, finish!

  Two-dimensional character seal production

First of all international practice, take a picture to copy again.

Roughly buckle down, roughly as well.

Roughly dig down, roughly.

Create a new layer of threshold adjustment layer, patiently adjust the parameters to the least detail missing state. (tutorial value is 216)

Color range Remove White.

Wipe off the rough edges and finish.

  Special Drawing method

People often go up and down the network to such resources, background is black, generally used to do the game special effects.

Generally, when you use this kind of material is the use of color filtering methods, but you will find that the color pattern will cause the screen to brighten, poor color problems. Using a general method of pull-back will find that often residual black, the solution is to reconstruct the color channel to get rid of the black part of the inside.

First, open your Channel tab.

CTRL + the left mouse button click on the thumbnail, select the red channel.

Go back to your Layers tab and create a solid color layer with the selection.

With a pure red fill, hides the new red solid layer after filling it, and sets the green and blue channels to the appropriate solid color layer.

Layer Status after completion:

As shown in the figure, you get the following effect:

Change the layer mode of these 3 layers to color filter and merge

This will remove the object from the pure black background.

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