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This is called "Love of the ocean", let couples look up at the blue stars in the Coral Sea.

Miss Yu, who has been 85 years old, gave up the ideal news in college for the hotel's dream.

In the boss's mobile phone, since its official launch in last December, the manager's daily Statistics Report "33 in January 9" and "31 in February 4 "...... In fact, there are only 29 rooms in the hotel, and they are "flipped out" like a restaurant "!

It is called "Swan Love", a couples theme hotel in guanggu.

More expensive, more popular

Use GPS to find the gray building near guanggu chuangye Street, which is called guanggu Times Square. In front of the building, the conspicuous signboard of multiple hotels is scanned, but I couldn't find the hotel named "Swan love.

Find the elevator in the building, which is hidden on the 7th floor. The building is still under construction, and multiple floors are still full of cement and sand rocks.

Finally. On the first floor of the 7 th floor, the "Swan love" hotel features a charming atmosphere.

The reception time was half past two P.M. on Tuesday. The reception hall was not big and it was only over 10 square meters. The waiting sofa was crowded with young guests in the waiting room. They were impatient while playing mobile phones.

Miss Yu, the boss, long-haired shawls, thin and fashionable, a cool Mandarin, the phone walkie talkie keeps ringing. Sorry, I said to the reporter, "you have a meeting first. This is the peak of your stay. We haven't gotten all of the rooms that have been withdrawn at, so our guests are waiting ." The reporter sat down in 10 sub-categories and added three new guests.

Two couples traveled from Sichuan Province to Hubei province on a self-driving tour. They came here specially, and were obviously regular customers. The couples whispered, "the last time they lived was a 'rolling red dust. How about this change to the 'butterfly dream ?" "No, I want to try a room that is full of mirrors. It's interesting ."......

The combination of "circular water bed + circular bathtub" is the most popular among couples.

The hotel has a total of 30 rooms, one room serves as the staff lounge, and the other 29 rooms each have a single theme.

For example, bamboo, white pebbles, and slate-based "Bamboo Yunxiao" can play the romance of Duan zhengchun and Xing Xingzhu. For example, the "mirror butterfly feeling" in the phantom world is overwhelming ", play the "Find me" game. When traveling around the ocean's tropical fish, look up at the blue sky and see you as the daughter of the sea ...... The boss has 30 colorful electronic screens embedded on one wall. Each screen is played in a theme room. They specially invite guanggu professional photographers to take photos. Everything is like a dream. The name and price of the room are clearly marked under the screen. Once the guest selects the order, the waiter will turn off the screen of the room.

The two Sichuan couples were all "black screens" on the room. The female muttered and chose the other two. Two young men clapped their shoulders and went to "swap rooms" in the middle of the night. Reporters noticed that more than 360 yuan of rooms were booked, and the remaining two rooms with bright lights were the lowest price of 298 yuan. I heard that this hotel is very strange. The more expensive the room is, the more popular it is. A top-class room with 70 square meters of "Seine River" won't be available for a long time.

Creating an outdoor romance in the room is a popular design for couples hotels in China

There are very few pre-booked guests who consume "hour room" and "half-day room", basically all day room. But there are usually guests leaving in advance, and the aunt can rush to clean up the room, and there will be a "House flip ".

In November 11, Singles' Day was opened. In December, it was officially opened. At the end of the month, I settled the bill and gave Miss Yu a fright: At that time, the house price was still "promotion experience price", with an average price of 300 yuan, even if the number of rooms is 30, and the number of rooms is full every day, the settlement for one month should be only 0.27 million. As a result, 20 thousand more rooms will be settled.

Two girls

After busy for a long time, I finally sent all the guests to the room.

"Today Tuesday, all the rooms for this weekend are fully booked. Regular customers know that they must make a reservation on the official website one week in advance. Most of them have no room for temporary visits ."

Miss Yu breathed a sigh of relief and explained that it would take much longer to clean up the room than a normal hotel because it would take more than 40 minutes to disinfect the two-person bathtub; in addition, the guests seldom get up early to catch a train plane. Many of them leave the room only after noon, so the five skilled aunts are too busy.

This hotel was opened by Miss Yu and her good friend. Miss Yu, who has been in Yichang for 85 years, graduated from the Chinese Department of huashi. Her good friend, Miss Wang, is an 86-Year-Old Jiangsu girl and a senior student from Tongji Medical College of huake.

I cannot help but lament that the knowledge background of hotel owners is getting higher and higher. Miss Yu said with a smile that the boss of the best job in Beijing is still from Tsinghua.

Site selection, rent negotiation, designer searching, construction, property communication, procurement ...... The courage to communicate with the Parties is often exhausting them, but the idea of a new "Name of Love" hotel is full of energy. The hotel logo was pasted with thousands of rhinestones, and they were all done by themselves until AM.

The average design and decoration costs for each room are nearly 0.1 million RMB.

They are very different from regular business hotels.

To make special effects for the room, build a huge stone platform, hezhu forest pit, and create an arch or shaped room ...... The property owners of the hotel have never seen such complex hotel operations. They often propose such or other transformation conditions. They have communicated with each other countless times to achieve the results of today.

I heard that for various reasons, the rent is not handed over to the developer, so it is difficult for them to put a signboard on the first floor, they said they signed an "exclusive agreement" with the first two hotels ".

At the beginning, girls didn't make too much publicity because of financial restrictions. They only posted publicity in the guanggu cinema. Later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Weibo and Momo on mobile phones helped them bring many guests for free. After 80 s and after 90 s, they were proficient in mobile phone software.

Now they have set up a website where all the rooms are shown in a big chart and the reservation is based on the website. There was a guest who posted a microblog saying, "This is a special hotel, and I did not expect the boss to be two weak girls. It is not easy. I wish them a blessing ."

The overwhelming mirror is a common element of a couple's hotel. It creates a wonderful space for movies.

Try bathtub

The designers they selected were from Beijing, and there were very successful works of couples hotels.

Unlike the unified purchase of general business hotels, the purchase of this hotel is particularly complicated. The tables, chairs, beds, mirrors, lights, and so on are all required for each room.

During that period, Miss Yu became a "Flying Man", and traveled across the north and wide areas like a bee. Super-large rooms like "ocean of love" require a lot of item filling, and all of them must comply with the subject, which is hard to find.

Not all hotels can be called a couple hotel. It is a complex ecological combination, not just a single bed. It is larger, more luxurious, more romantic, and more interesting than most urban couples.

Compared with express hotels, their rooms are generally larger, generally between 30 and 70 square meters. Shanghai is also popular with the concept of "full suite" luxury.

A special bed is also a selling point to attract couples. The water bed is the most popular, especially round. Even for the square big bed, Miss Yu also purchased an oversized size of more than 2 meters. In addition to the color of the room, wall painting, beaded curtain, and mirror, the atmosphere also relies on music and light.

Miss Yu installed a sound system for each room. The plug-in card can play their favorite music as required by the guests. For example, a boy proposed to marry and asked his lover to hear the song in the room as "the most important decision".

The lights in each room are specially designed to provide bright and dark spotlights, which make the ocean more vivid and the bamboo forest more mysterious.

The most attractive is the double massage tub. They were so popular that Miss Yu, who was sweating, breathed a sigh of relief. "Because traditional guests are concerned about hygiene, few people will go to the soaking tub in the hotel ." However, the customers in the store were very young and dominated by post-80s and post-90s. They believed in their disinfection work and dared to try it.

Because the boss, Miss Wang, understands medicine and takes control of disinfection procedures very seriously. She uses all of the disinfection products of Amway and also requires the cleaners to work hard.

"How can we see that the guest is using a useless bathtub? After the check-out, check the water meter. The general shower room generally uses 0.5 tons of water, while the bathtub room uses at least 1.2 tons of water ." The rooms with the luxurious large bathtub are very popular, and many guests will ask for "bubble bath" or "rose petal bath.

Couple hotels are also eager to provide a lot of special services, such as the provision of red wine and champagne, the delivery of famous shops breakfast, a variety of interesting lingerie optional, like the colorful ball lights in the bar, bubble machine ......

Ms. Yu said that many guests were here to celebrate their birthdays and asked them to put pink balloons in the room and put pink flowers on the bed.

Because the room is 70 square meters wide, it is often scheduled as a wedding room, guests asked to put their wedding photos in the bathtub and bed, and play their favorite music videos on TV.

Opening a couple Hotel is really interesting.

Sharing the exquisite intentions of male children for girls, feeling their sincere and brave love, and helping them realize their extraordinary ideas, Miss Yu is often touched.

It is still very immature, but like a jewelry box, it can also be loaded into more romantic ideas, and become a love nest in this city.

Although it is very troublesome to operate, for example, if a room suffers a Water and Electricity fault in the middle of the night, it is difficult to change the room exactly like other business hotels.

However, the surprising popularity of the business, and the complaints of the guests too far away, have already opened a second store for the two girls, so they are full of confidence.

"The next one will be an upgraded version ."

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