Two books on Enterprise Management recommended by Yi Long CEO Cui Guangfu: Business war and West Point Military Academy leadership

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Guangfu recently recommended "West Point Military Academy leadership" on his company. He recommended this book and "Business war" on Weibo some time ago, saying that it has a great influence on him. I recently read it together.

The West Point military leadership is a collection written by many authors. The editor tries his best to make these collections systematic. These authors have their own management experience, experience, and experience. Therefore, the focus of each chapter is different. Each chapter in the book can be self-contained. I personally feel that there is a lot of overlap between the "expectation management" in the last chapter and my point of view.

The business war is the work of the management master troot. It is about the type of business competition. Compared with war, there are four basic types: Battle, flank, guerrilla warfare, and defensive warfare. The battle is suitable for the market's second-and third-party attacking bosses, and the flank war is suitable for smaller enterprises, occupying the weak aspect of the market leader. Guerrilla warfare is suitable for smaller enterprises, generally occupying the market in a geographical region. Defensive Warfare is certainly suitable for market leaders. Of course, many success and failure examples are given for each type, and specific tactics are also listed in detail.

I personally think this book is very well written. It can also be seen that it has a great impact on Guangfu.

I feel that there is a flaw in the book: One of the tactics mentioned in the book is to attack yourself, that is, to launch a new product or a lower price than your fist product. I feel that the analogy of attacking myself here is not appropriate in the book. You can consider taking advantage of the higher commanding heights.

Several articles are attached to the bookArticleOne is written by Deng DeLong, author of 2-hour brand literacy. Talk about McKinsey's shortcomings. I feel pretty good. He said that McKinsey is better at improving the operational efficiency of enterprises than helping them develop strategies.

In yesterday's Economic Observer, I saw an article saying "Qinghai old yogurt": "using old yogurt" Dongfeng, Xiao xiniu sprints to the Small and Medium plates ". After reading this, I thought that his boss's ideas were also used for reference in troot's "business war" and "positioning. The old yogurt of the company, xiiniu, has no high technology, no financial support, and no advertisement, under the eyes of Mengniu, Erie, and sanyuan, the new category of old yogurt launched a successful flank war. In the future, the company's products will also be positioned on "dairy products in the Qinghai Plateau.

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