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QUIC, in short, is the use of UDP transmission protocol, according to Google's own report, speed can be increased by 30%. The main advantages are:

1. 快速建立链接(不用3次握手和TLS4次握手)2. 多路复用3. 改进的流控4. 快速SSL/TLS握手5. 适合移动用户访问

Such a good performance, of course, to hurry with go to try.


The code in the example is also simple.

http.Handle("/", http.FileServer(http.Dir(wwwDir)))h2quic.ListenAndServeQUIC("localhost:4242", "/path/to/cert/chain.pem", "/path/to/privkey.pem", nil)

In practice, however, 2 pits were encountered.

TLS configuration

Because my service is an HTTP. Handler, so Quic need to reconfigure tlsconfig, otherwise it will be an error. Here is the sample code

quic := &h2quic.Server{Server: server}quic.TLSConfig = &tls.Config{}quic.TLSConfig.GetCertificate = getCertificatepln, err := net.ListenPacket("udp", cfg.Listen)if err != nil {    log.Fatal(err)}log.Print("listen quic on udp:%s", cfg.Listen)go quic.Serve(pln)

Header settings

When successfully enabled, the Spdy plugin in Chrome doesn't have a green flag or continues to use HTTP2, and after finding it, Google has added a

 writer.ResponseWriter.Header().Add("alt-svc", `quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="38,37,36"`)


    • Ma is the expiration time in seconds
    • V refers to supported Quic versions
    • ALT-SVC is Alternative-service's abbreviation.
    • Quic is the port of Quic, I have specified 443

Finally, by typing in the Chrome address bar


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