Two methods of converting PHP array encoding GBK and UTF8 _php techniques

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I. Using Var_export (), eval () method

 * Converts the Chinese array containing GBK to Utf-8 * *
 @param array $arr   Arrays
 * @param string $in _charset The original string encoding
 * @param String $out _charset Output strings encoding
 * @return Array *
/function Array_iconv ($arr, $in _charset= "GBK", $out _ charset= "Utf-8")
 $ret = eval (' Return '. Iconv ($in _charset, $out _charset,var_export ($arr, true).
 return $ret;
 After transcoding, you can output JSON
 //Return Json_encode ($ret);

The principle is simple. var_export set the second argument to true , return the array prototype string, convert the string to Utf-8 encoding, and then eval perform the return (similar to an anonymous function?). ), to solve the problem perfectly.

Eval () Function Summary:

Condition: eval() The function calculates the string according to the PHP code. The string must be a valid PHP code and must end with a semicolon.

Returns if the statement is not invoked in the code string return NULL . If there is a parse error in the code, the eval() function returns FALSE.

 $a = "Hello";

 $res = eval ("return $a;");

 Print_r ($res);

 The $ designator must be escaped with a backslash

 ("\ $str = \" $str \ ";) when assigning a value;

 Echo $str;

Second, using recursion to transfer the array

 * UTF-8 encoded GBK encoding Mutual conversion/(support array)
 * *
 @param array $str   string, support array delivery
 * @param string $in _charset The original string encoding
 * @param string $out _charset Output strings encoding
 * @return array
/function Array_iconv ($str, $in _ Charset= "GBK", $out _charset= "Utf-8")
 if (Is_array ($STR))
 foreach ($str as $k => $v)
  $str [$k] = Array_iconv ($v);
 return $str;
 if (is_string ($STR))
  //return Iconv (' UTF-8 ', ' Gbk//ignore ', $str);
  Return mb_convert_encoding ($str, $out _charset, $in _charset);


PHP will be the array encoding GBK and utf-8 of the contents of the conversion to the basic end, the article introduced in detail, with a certain reference value, I hope this article for everyone's study and work can bring certain help.

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