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Spam message (Comment Spam), for bloggers, is really a big enemy. I myself suffer from it, every day to delete a large pile of casino, Poker, porn and so on with a long string of links to the message. Today is more exaggerated, a Spamer unexpectedly use the program on my blog Crazy message more than 600, so I have to find a low-cost and efficient way to prevent spam messages. Kung Fu, I finally found two good methods, and successfully applied to my own blog.

First of all, the confirmation code (security Code) is an effective way to prevent-the use of Image display confirmation code (security Code), the system by determining the input of the message to confirm the correct or not to determine whether the message is a real person or a robot-- This way there is no error of judgment. Through the program will not be able to send a large number of spam messages, because the use of artificial intelligence to identify the cost of identification code is very high, the spammers will certainly not be able to do.

Second, the use of nofollow tags to fight spam, which is actually the result of Google development, Google uses a new type of tag to eliminate the spam comment link, use this attribute, the site owner can restrict search engine tracking a link. Displayed as: rel= "nofollow" in the link label. The goal is to stop search engines from searching for junk-indexed comments on blogs. If hyperlinks have nofollow properties, the links are not counted when Google makes a site arrangement for search results. For the blog program, as long as all the links in the comments automatically add rel = "nofollow" attributes can be achieved.

Many people in order to get to their own site to import links, so a large number in the message board, BBS posts, which for the search engine is a spam link. If the station owner sets such a limit, the search engine knows not to index those links.

Of course nofollow This method belongs to a one-size-fits-all way, if set nofollow, all the comment link will not be Google index, this is a little bit unfair to the normal message person. But now the domestic spam message so rampant, I have to "troubled times with heavy pawnage."

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