Two quick ways to install network printers under Windows

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Windows7 system's Network service is better than the previous Windows system, the installation of network printers under Windows7 is very simple, for many users in the company or school LAN user friends, should have learned a similar approach. Today, specially sorted out two methods, only for everyone's reference, has been the Master friends please skip.

One, the general Add method

1, open the Win7 Start menu, enter "Print" in the search box, the top of the Start menu appears "Print Management"

2, click to open "Print management" management, on the left "print server" above the right button, select "Add/Remove Server"

3, then under "Specify the printer server" under "Add Server" click on the right side of "browse"

4, on the left to select "Network", and then on the right to select the server you want to connect with the printer, after the selection, the following box will display the name of the corresponding printer server, then click on the right side of the "Select the Radio", and then click "Add to List", and then click "Apply", and then click "OK" on it.

5, the last step (very important), again click "Start" in the "search box" to enter the IP address of the printer server, this will open the shared printer, and then click on the printer you want to connect, right click on "Connection", and then always point to confirm on the OK (tutorial)

Second, the network to find a neighbor to add

An easier way to do this is if the network printer is shared by a user, such as a computer named ABC sharing a printer, then we just visit ABC in our online neighborhood and we'll see the ABC-shared printer after we visit ABC. At this time we to a share of the printer point to select the connection, the WINDOWS7 system will play the dialog box prompts is and no, choose to connect.

At this point, the network printer is installed.

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