Two ways to achieve Circleimageview _canvas

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Using Paint.setxfermode

Reference link: From the blog, please click here

To get things Circleimageview, split into two parts: Create a circle bitmap use canvas to create a circular bitmap

Private Bitmap Createroundconerimage (Bitmap source)
    final Paint Paint = new Paint ();
    Paint.setantialias (true);
    Create a Bitmap object of the same size
    Bitmap target = Bitmap.createbitmap (Mwidth, Mheight, config.argb_8888);
    Encapsulated as Canvas object
    Canvas Canvas = new Canvas (target);
    RECTF rect = new RECTF (0, 0, source.getwidth (), Source.getheight ());
    Draw the circle through the canvas into a circular canvas
    canvas.drawroundrect (rect, Mradius, Mradius, paint);
    Sets how the brush is stacked
    paint.setxfermode (new Porterduffxfermode (PorterDuff.Mode.SRC_IN));
    Draw the original picture on the canvas
    canvas.drawbitmap (source, 0, 0, paint);
    Remove Bitmap object return
Draw the generated circular bitmap object

Add in OnDraw (Canvas Canvas):

Canvas.drawbitmap (Createroundconerimage (MSRC), 0, 0, NULL);
Using shader

Reference Links: drawable to bitmap bitmap to Bitmapshader via paint Drawcircle the Drawable object to bitmap by Paint objects on the canvas object

Public Bitmap Drawable2bitmap (drawable drawable) {
    if (drawable = null) {
        retrurn null;
    if (drawable instanceof bitampdrawable) {
        retrun (bitampdrawble) drawable). Getbitmap ();
    int w = drawble.getintrisicwidth ();
    int h = drawble.getintrisicheight ();
    Bitmap Newbitmap = Bitmap.createbitmap (w,h,bitmap.config.argb_8888);
    Canvas Canvas = new Canvas (newbitmap);
    Drawable.setbounds (0,0,w,h);
    Drawable.draw (Canvas);
    return newbitamp;
Associating Bitmapshader with the bitmap to be displayed
Mmatrix.setscale (Scale,scale),//set magnification multiples
mbitmapshader.setlocalmatrix (mmatrix);

Bitmapshader Mbitmapshader = new Bitmapshader (newbitmap,tilemode.clamp,tilemode.clamp);
Mbitmappaint.setshader (Mbitmapshader);
To draw a circle again


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