Two ways to transfer files wirelessly from a mobile phone to a computer

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In our daily work and life, it is inevitable that there is a need for file pictures in the mobile phone and the computer transmission between each other, and the traditional users will choose to use the data line to transmit, in fact, we can not be so troublesome, only the use of QQ and micro-letter of either kind of client, you can achieve the computer and mobile files between the transmission function, Here is a small series for everyone in detail under the file sharing method of transmission bar!

Method one: Using micro-letter transmission

1. We need to use mobile phone micro-letter and computer micro-letter to achieve the transmission of documents, users of mobile phones and computers need to be equipped with micro-letter client;

Android PC version

2. The user opens the micro-letter in the handset, in turn finds the message interface--clicks the file transfer Assistant--enters the text in the input box or adds the file--clicks sends, the computer end micro-letter can accept or sends the file;

3. Open the computer-side micro-letter-File Transfer assistant-click on the folder icon below-you can transfer documents;

Method Two: Use QQ transmission

1. We need to use mobile phone QQ and computer QQ to achieve mutual transmission of files, users of mobile phones and computers need to have installed QQ client;

PC version of the Android version

Tencent QQ Popularity: 11957

Size: 53.3 MB

Version: 8.0.16968 official version View details download now 2. Enter the mobile phone end qq--Message-My computer, in the input box input text or add files-click to send, computer-side QQ can accept or send a file;

3. Open the computer end qq--my Android phone--click on the folder icon below--you can transfer files to each other.

The above is a small series for everyone to bring the two kinds of mobile phones and computers to transfer files between the method, users need to try quickly!

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