Two ways to quickly align text in word2016

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two ways to quickly align text in word2016

I. The use of decentralized alignment

1, the first text alignment is to use distributed alignment, for example, now we want to align these items, to the highest number of characters as the benchmark, now the maximum is four characters, then several other options to become four characters width.

2, select the text to be aligned, note that only the selected text does not include a colon, find the "Start" tab, select the paragraph in the "Distributed Alignment" button.

3, and then in the "Adjust width" dialog box to set the width of the text to 4 characters, because we want to align the characters character the longest character is the political face, is 4 characters.

4, now all set up, to see our final results, whether it is two characters, three characters or four characters are all the same neat, than you use the space to align simple and more efficient.

Second, adjust the width

1, next small series to introduce the second alignment method, or select the text to align, and then in the Start tab, the paragraph group found in the Chinese layout of the "Adjust width" button.

2, the next operation and the above is the same, set the width of the character to be modified, also can achieve the effect of fast text alignment.

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