Two ways to solve the problem of uneven exposure in Photoshop

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Under normal shooting, especially on the exterior, we have taken photos, the exposure is often inaccurate (such as excessive exposure, exposure, exposure is not

Evenly and so on), we now focus on the problem of uneven exposure. Usually when shooting in bright sunlight, if the foreground object is not

is a bright background for metering, then there will be overexposed issues. There are two ways to deal with overexposed images, the first is to try to make the exposure less

The background area becomes normal brightness, which increases the detail in the highlight, and the other is to blur the background in the image to give prominence to the foreground.

The scene is measured against detail when the light is larger than the foreground and background.

At this time, there are three choices: 1. The background of the previous scene is the primary. 2. The background is the main, the foreground is the time. 3. Make an average exposure between the foreground and the background, and then

Adjusts the brightness and contrast in Photoshop.

Here we will use two methods to make adjustments to the exposure problems that occur during the shooting.

First, shadow/highlight method adjustment

First, the picture is analyzed. The original image should be exposed by the average exposure between the foreground and the background (average exposure is the foreground

1.8 aperture is normal, but the background to 4 of the aperture is normal, and the exposure of the final selection of 1.8 and 4 between the 2.8 to shoot), and the final photo in the former

Neither the scene nor the background exposure are accurate. (Figure 1)

  Tutorial Figure 1

If the darker foreground is brighter then the background details are lost and the background becomes brighter; Conversely, if the lighter background is normal, then the previous

The details of the scene make the background darker. (Figure 2, Figure 3)

Figure 2

Figure 3

There are many ways to deal with this phenomenon in Photoshop, but these methods depend on whether you are pursuing time or quality. Below we use the pursuit of quality

Adjust the method to adjust the picture.

Before adjusting, we should first observe which parts of the picture can be restored, observe the way there are two kinds, can be observed in the histogram, this is a relatively basic

Methods of observation. Another method is through the "threshold" command, which can accurately calculate which parts of the picture can be restored.

Histogram observation. The histogram is located in the upper-right corner of Photoshop. After opening the picture, click on the "histogram" to observe the picture. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Note: If you do not find this window in the Panel, click "Window" in the menu bar and select Navigator in the Drop-down menu.

The threshold method was observed. Using the "threshold" command, you can make the details of the foreground and background in your photos clearly visible. Click "Image" in the menu bar to select

Threshold command in the Adjustments option. (Figure 5)

Figure 5

This command determines whether a large number of color restores are made to the file. In fact, the "threshold" command is a tool to test the color information of a file, it can quickly detect

Out of the lost color information, just put the level at the minimum "1" and the maximum "255", you can quickly see the lost color information. Category:

    • PS Image Processing
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