Two-year summary of. NET programmer work

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(September 2015) recently changed jobs, interviewed a lot of companies want to summarize, in order to review the future to know how they came.


I was halfway to do software development, July 2011 College graduate, University Major is: mechanical manufacturing and automation; January 2011 to the end of August, in Hefei gree electrical work more than six months, September 2011 began to contact programming.

Originally just saw "The Silicon Valley banned" "Kai-Fu Lee Autobiography," There is a point of view, a person must not be young, is behind the times, must learn to use this era of advanced technology, that is, computer Internet technology. I believe it!

Originally I just want to learn the search technology, everyone is talking about the internet is a treasure trove of knowledge, you have to learn to use, so I would like to learn to search, learning office automation, learning drawing software, learning report production, so that I can enter the mechanical industry of the process department, can work in the office, rather than in the first line. In the first line, every day is asked to do push-ups, by the leader of the president of the criticism of the lecture, said the efficiency is low, work not efforts, not to meet the prescribed production standards, every day after work is always a few poor worms and I was left, free overtime two hours, or even longer, really feel very wronged very timid. Individual personality shy, thinking of miscellaneous, think more sensitive, feel not adapt to the kind of military management factory. Then in July, when the diploma to the Peking University Bird Consulting, there is no computer training courses, and then work in the factory, often received a teacher phone invitation, the opportunity is rare, the speed to report. Make me a little want to leave the factory, only a stimulus, as long as the stimulation of my self-esteem I will leave immediately.

Then about August 27, 2011, to Zhengzhou, Beijing University bird Xiang Day Homing Pigeon Center to learn programming went. Before going to the teacher told me that. NET is very simple, graphical interface after dragging, set the next property on the line, I studied AutoCAD in university, I think like drawing, I think I can learn. NET programming. Beida Jade Bird has a post-baccalaureate course, online learning, the course learners play a role in upgrading learning. Later, I understand that if you do not have a teacher to learn programming, learning the kind of pure video-guided courses are easy to go astray, into a dead end, inexperienced people are easy to learn not to go on. I'm not spared, I got stuck, and I got stuck at the end of 2012.

After the undergraduate course called three months to change the life, three months on employment change white-collar workers, monthly salary of more than 6000, I was also full of confidence, I was in the university is a good student, did not escape class, also went to the library, no special good direction, but the experiment can also make a result, class comprehensive performance second, belongs to the practical I was just beginning to imitate the introductory course to learn, before programming I do not have a touch of programming, only learned single-chip and PLC and CNC, PLC was very good at the time, the single-chip computer graduated from the forgotten.

Start training, no teacher, no lectures, the first two weeks I was to the school connected to the Internet, installed on the vs2010, log on to school after the account, and then began to learn C language, notes do very detailed, can also run the results, I feel very satisfied. Two weeks after the teacher in charge, ask me to tell you how not to start the formal course study, I see you have no progress ah? I was a leng I was not studying it? The teacher said, you do not wander on that entry C, you quickly began to learn c#,c# and C no relationship, you do not need to see the previous course, and then I began to learn C #. It was really poor foundation, typing is a finger zen, very slow, and then I began to learn C # data types, if judgment, while loop, for loop these introductory courses, those who have studied in the university for two years are more than a week to learn, I just learned fast one months, from the definition of a variable, to an array, To a variety of logical judgments, to the definition of class, inheritance, methods, to the collection, learning very fine, do a variety of exercises, I am not anxious to graduate, I want to learn to learn. (I was born in 1991 because I started learning programming.)

Later, the class teacher to find me, said you can not so ah, your progress is too slow, are 1.5 months, you still on the basis of this piece, how can you go through the year (2012 3-April) employment? Then I was worried, began to watch more video, do not do exercises. When I write my exercises in vs2010, I'm beginning to struggle with writing a line, writing a semicolon after a statement, and I'm trying to figure out why, I often miss a semicolon, and then I don't know why it went wrong, because I don't quite understand the concept of statements, and there are a few times for a very small error, I needed to wait for the teacher for more than 30 minutes before he could run over and take a look at me and say, "Isn't that obvious?" Missing a semicolon, can't you see it? "At that time really feel too bad, the teacher does not know the total lack of foundation of the ignorance of the level, he does not know how stupid I have in front of the program, I can not understand why the need for methods, I would rather copy code, I do not want to write methods, I was so stubborn, type this concept I also later suddenly understand, int and class Student classes, in fact, they are the same, is a type, but in the memory of different, in the storage or expression of data is not the same. One can not understand, he did not understand the things, at that time I was that State stumbled forward to learn slowly.

Then almost 11, at that time, and a girl to talk about friends, because I resigned from the factory, there is no income, learning is also difficult, and then I do not want to give her birthday, it is really no money to her, because from the factory came out I have become a student, and then did not care about her slowly break up, she also no longer talk Then is to continue to study, learning to keyword this,as,is keyword, indexer, polymorphism this place I stuck, how can I learn, I can not flexibly use them, and then down is learning events and delegates, the difficulty suddenly heightened, I do not understand the C language pointers, I just can't understand the commission of this strange thing, I just got to understand the method is a code block can be reused, and then how to do not understand the Commission, this time the school network problems, I am also a little familiar with the school, students are familiar with a few, netizens problems, they will go home to learn, In fact, the home (rent place) Most of them do not study, girls do not learn, because the feeling is very strenuous.

I followed also back to the dorm to study several times, slowly the weather became cold, the dormitory is particularly cold, the school is also particularly cold, only watching video, not how to do exercises, found in the back of things and forget, and then back to learn, inefficient, this time began to learn WinForm, learning to do video on the practice, winfrom though simple , but to do a video on the same as the practice of the project is quite time-consuming, maybe a class, it takes two or three days to finish the exercise, then did not learn, in fact, I have not cultivated a good learning method, the previous study is class 45 minutes, homework dozens of minutes, and then the next lesson. This time to learn a lesson need to do the practice time is very long, and then self-grasp bad, into the retreat, trying to learn the platform's knowledge, often back to see polymorphic, abstract class, interface, indexer, delegate, two-dimensional array, these difficulties. Then a few days a week down, do not know where they got, it seems that this week did not learn anything, it seems that people often overestimate their ability to learn, programming is not a high school endorsement, not to do math chemistry problem, it is a skill, it needs a lot of practice and long-time experimental sentiment.

To the Chinese New Year, I learned Winfrom, and then went back to school, after a year, and forgot part, and then began to learn the database, learning three paradigms, the database I was feeling quite simple, but also learned will, but began to learn functions, students query, learning cursors, I was blindfolded, and later I also understand , this thing needs to look at a variety of information, need to be in use slowly sentiment, death strength to see, death strength think is unable to understand. This time also to learn the IO operation class Textreader,textwrite,stringreader,stringwrite,steamreader,steamwrite; File operation class files, Directory,fileinfo Directoryinfo;xml operation Xmldocument,xmlnode and so on; There are also serialization features and other features to learn; this time I can not understand the characteristics of this thing, I feel it is very ugly, and then slowly understand that it is a mark, to give a class to add some additional information, What does it have to do with features? It's a logical matter.

Here to mention, this piece of learning about the time, the school gave a project is to imitate windows to do a resource manager, the implementation of the tree menu to display the resources on the computer, can achieve new, modify, copy, cut, delete, serialized save information; it's been two weeks, and I've done almost two weeks on this project. , but the upgrade exam, I did not test, this is an online platform in order to ensure that you can not skip learning, to prevent the ambitious, and then I do not pass the exam, and then has been in front of the consumption, then I do not know this exam can cheat, can try the answer, now it seems that the standard of the test is relatively high, Like the university if the strict examination, the problem is not too simple, a lot of college students can not pass the same, I did not test the past, because the difficulty I did not learn also didn't understand, learned is also rigid rigid set oneself actually did not learn, just rigid hard set of remember something.

Stuck not to go, and then I went back to study, while deep in the event, delegation, multi-threading, serialization inside, slowly lost the direction, this time the school did not continue to find teachers, because the former tutor left the teacher, completely no teacher guidance. School speed has not been solved, often dropped line, should be the school to save money, give us more than 30 students to pull a 10MB network cable, although not everyone will watch the video at the same time, but 10MB let 30 people divided with, the speed of nature is a kind of torture, we were also really silly don't know to the school protest, Also silly try to practice cmcc free hot spots, I was also paid for half a month. Then many students began to notwith two days, often back home to play games, said not to go.

At that time, more than 70 students enrolled in. NET programming, and finally insisted on less than 15, I have been struggling with a this time has been to Children's Day, and later know that we are Zhengzhou Beida Jade Bird The first batch of experimental objects, after the Bachelor we are Henan online platform of the first batch of students, when learning, platform curriculum also often adjust, the teacher said Class speak All is flat tone, pronunciation standard, sound gentle, norm of incredibly, a few 10 minutes speak down do not know which is the focus of his speaking, lectures unconsciously attention often scattered, resulting in learning efficiency is very low. I now feel that the online platform of the teacher if the lecture pronunciation in the past standardized and not good, because from small to large listening accustomed to the teacher, Cadence lecture roar. From August 2012 to September, I was learning XML, studying the structure of datasets, learning sqlserver, objects, learning to connect queries, and releasing resources. Then I often play Warcraft at home, I have played the RPG map side, while suffering from the conscience, practice typing, occasionally look at the platform of the course. In short, how can not access to the ASP. Part of the study, nature will not talk about employment work. At the end of 12, I went home early, I told my dad I played in Zhengzhou for a year, I do not want to play, I want to go to Beijing to study, I want to preach Wisdom podcast to learn, because I inadvertently learned the introduction of the website of the transfer of wisdom, suddenly understand how I did not understand the things, I found no good teacher, I do not imitate the video is not.

Until now I have been reluctant to mention the dark experience of 2012, interview I often say is 2013 to Beijing training, October 13 formal work. Again February 19, 2013 to Zhengzhou rented dark house finish check out, take the train No. 20th I arrived in Beijing, No. 21st began formal classes,. NET training, Beijing Yu Xin Xisanqi office Building.

2013 in Beijing training, has been able to, but on June 9 graduation, My net study is very confused, at that time just finished, the teacher lectures, I understand everything, and then to calm down, I how also into the kind of integrated through the idea, and then the employment is still uneasy, because things are finished, but no digestion. Then I reviewed and learned the 30th-year end of September 13. October 12 I came to the first company, the interviewer is a smart podcast, the seniors, see my training experience is a school, asked me where the session stored? The principle of it, said nothing to ask, and then I went to the first company to work.

The first company is a small company, programmers in my most of the time is 3, then two, the most time is six and two are engaged in Apple development.

The company mainly to do pharmaceutical industry Enterprise website;

Medical Data System, internal data entry query system, as well as external products, medical inquiries, there are clients with Winfrom do;

There is the maintenance of the company's official website and partners of the official website, do some conference registration, community documents download, online consultation appointment.

Later to do company development;

Industry product display website development;

E-commerce website development of pharmaceutical industry;

Later December 14 shareholders make a contradiction, almost the company is closed, two months without pay, technology is gone, and then I left to find a second company.

This company early recruit technology is more powerful, make things can also, other general company some, we all have, but the company can not keep people, slowly did not grow, has been a small company;

The company's salary is 3.5 but it's a good stay.

Next technology: Most of the company is to do the site, the commonly used framework is three layers, plus the tool layer, through the class layer. As long as it is not distributed, a lot of optimization, others can do, the company can do.

The second is the medical education company;

Mainly do video synthesis tools;

Classification and search of video courseware data;

The company to 5.5, the hand inside more than 4,800 to 4,900 in Beijing, eat fast 1000 province to eat, 1000 more points, and then transport faster 300, a left no money, also learn to find a better, and then quit in September, come out and try to find a good.

Let's say the technical point of the interview:

1, what are your options for database optimization?

2, what is the method to enforce the performance of the website?

3, TENS, billion-level data query slow, what is the optimization method?

4, what is the difference between a clustered index and a nonclustered index? How to use it? What is the occasion for?

5, what are the common collection classes? What are the high efficiency? What is the reason for the high efficiency?

6, rights management, specific to the deletion and modification, how do you control the page display which operation function?

7, index, what is the structure of this index? Why does an index improve access speed principle?

8. What is the simple Factory mode application scenario?

9, talk about the principle of garbage collection, talk about the process?

10, say the simple interest mode of the application scenario, what are the patterns, what is the difference?

11,iis How to implement a simple cluster, where does the session exist? How is sharing implemented?

12, the difference between HttpModule and httphandle?

13, the life cycle of the page? From browser request to end this process?

14, what are the advantages of WebForm and MVC respectively?

15, have you ever used WCF? What is the basic technology of webservice? What is it supported by?

16, say Npoi how do you use? What about the data you used to import, export?

17, how do you implement the cached data you use in your project? What's the usual way?

What is the internal structure of 18,memcached? What is the principle of it?

19, have you ever used a custom control, how do I control it in a custom control? This is proposed with the Authority management.

20, how to force improve the performance of the site? What way do you have?

21, have you ever used a framework other than jquery?

22, the data query frequently test of the pen test, student table, curriculum, score table, query students average score of less than 60 points? (2) All course grades are below 60 points.

23, how to implement fixed line train? How to implement dynamic line train?

25, what are the stored procedures you use? Why use stored procedures? What are the advantages of a stored procedure?

26, you talk about the efficiency of entityframework and the efficiency of ADO which is high? This problem is a pit, to divide the situation, I can not answer?

27, talk about the principle of Pangu participle? Talk about Pangu participle of the implementation of this search principle?

28, say a data classification of the implementation process?

29, talk about the classification of session,session, say a login information storage how to achieve multi-server sharing? What's your plan?

30, tell me why you resigned from the last company.

31, say, you have a new job, the new company has a what to expect, what ideas?

33, say what is your technical advantage? This question has been asked many times, I do not know how to answer, because I often write simple css,+html layout, +javascript Control Interface +ajax Request JSON data, there are some Ajax operations + pop-up window plug-in, +ztree+jquery autocomplete+ Online Editor + Baidu echarts+ plus digital pagination + Add user Control + template page + Addend Group comparison + home plus match Pangu Word station search + multi-image upload plugin +xml read queue control +ffmpeg command line use + Multi-threaded interface classification using delegated +httphandle to achieve request interception, information judgment +sql Data merge Stuff,xpath and other single-case mode, +global information statistics almost these, two years experience has no expertise.

34, have you ever studied other languages? Do you know anything about Java?

35, do not understand the non-relational database?

36,javascript scope chain is that a word? How is inheritance implemented?

What are the 37,jquery selectors?

38, what framework does your company use? What does the background framework use?

39, multithreading and locking problem How did you solve it?

40, say the abstract class and interface differences, your understanding of the class?

41, how long does it take to do an e-commerce? A man? Multiple online payments.

42, what technology do you usually focus on? Are you still studying now? How do you learn? Tell me about the technology you've seen in the blog Park recently.

Wait a minute.

Interview questions are miscellaneous, what has, most of the problems are beginning to have depth, when working two years later, began to ask more in-depth questions, data in memory operation problems, some data objects of memory structure problems, large sites high-performance website problems, database optimization problems, learning contact other database problems, contact other learning language problems , learning the basics of other operating system issues.

Write so much, I do not know what the theme is, in short, programming is not like propaganda, three months can learn, impossible. Want to understand something must go through a long time, but also need to feel in the process of use. After getting started, there are a lot of things to learn.

Leaders say I am a bit impetuous, I do feel, but every time I was said to work in Beijing, one months to earn how much money, the remaining how much, one months to take low wages are stimulated, so change the work, decided to the new company put flat mentality, good work.

Let's talk about it first.

Two-year summary of. NET programmer work

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