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PHP and MySQL Web developmentPHP and MySQL Web Development
"Authoritative guide for building database-driven Web applications using PHP and MySQL"


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PHP and MySQL are very popular open-source technologies. They are very suitable for rapid development of database-driven Web applications. PHP is a powerful script language that is used to quickly create high-performance Web applications. MySQL is a fast and reliable database that can be well integrated with PHP, it is applicable to dynamic Internet-based applications.
This book describes how to use these tools to create efficient and interactive Web applications. It clearly introduces the basics of the PHP language, explains how to set and use MySQL DATA, and how to use PHP to interact with databases and servers.
This book is very practical, including a large number of practical examples. For example, user verification, creating a shopping cart, dynamically generating PDF documents and images, sending and managing emails, Managing User discussions, and connecting to Web services using XML, and Ajax-based interactive development of Web 2.0 applications.
Compared with the previous version, this book has been updated, rewritten, and expanded, and covers all the features of PHP 5 to 5.3, such as namespaces and closures, and features introduced by MySQL 5.1.


This book combines PHP development with MySQL applications and analyzes PHP and MySQL separately. It not only introduces the general concepts of PHP and MySQL, it also gives a comprehensive description of PHP and MySQL Web applications, including several classic and practical examples.
This book is version 4th and has been fully updated, rewritten, and expanded, including the latest improved features of PHP 5.3 (for example, better error and Exception Handling ), mySQL stored procedures and storage engines, Ajax technology and Web 2.0, and Web applications need to pay attention to security issues.

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Luke Welling has been working with Laura Thomson to write PHP and MySQL books for more than 20 years, and now they often appear in open source conferences. Luke Welling is now a Web architect at OmniTI, and Laura Thomson is a senior software engineer at Mozilla's Web team.

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