U disk boot reload system after power-on prompt error floppy disk fail

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Specific operations such as

This probably means that the floppy disk is not found, the floppy disk is an ancient storage device, this hint only on some old motherboards have this error message.

Error on power-on when floppy disk fail 40 below


When the computer boot, we press the DEL key to enter the BIOS, (recommended reading: How the computer into the BIOS?)

1. Enter after we click into the Advanced settings mode, with the keyboard around the next key to choose to enter the "Standard CMOS Features" Press ENTER:

2. Then we move up and down to find "Drive A" and we set it to "None"

3. Then set up the direct press F10 can exit and save the BIOS, so you restart the system to see if there is no error prompted AH.

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