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Format is also called initialization, the flash drive (U disk, MP3, etc.) after the factory, after the format, can be recognized and used by the system. Formatting is faster and easier if you need to delete all the content on the entire disk.

U disk can not format the symptoms:

The system can find a U disk, but when you open it will prompt you: "The disk is not formatted, want to format it now?" After the confirmation, will appear "cannot format" the word, tried n times all this, really let a person collapse. What is the cause of it?

U disk cannot be formatted for the reason:

1, mobile hard disk or u disk, etc., resulting in damage to the data.

2, U disk poisoning, such as gray pigeon, auto virus, killing virus is not complete or virus will u disk System file damage.

3, operating system or unconventional operations (such as incompatible read-write devices).

4, and some U disk with a small switch, if set to lock mode, then become read-only mode, can not write and format.


In this case only low lattice can effectively repair the U disk, but such a repair tool will destroy all the data on the U disk, including partitions and passwords, and only to the U disk format error to do repair. This can be used when the U disk is not normal to try to repair, generally recommended not to use.

After many experiments and research, think that the use of U disk Antivirus expert (Usbkiller) is effective, the software is a domestic professional u disk virus killing tools, can easily solve the U disk can not format problems, and repair by the virus caused by damage and inaccurate settings, Also be able to scan the virus and killing Auturun virus, Oso virus, Autorun.vbs virus, such as a variety of U disk virus, and can be immune to u disk, prevent u disk by virus invasion, fundamentally guarantee the use of U disk security.

How to use U disk Antivirus expert (Usbkiller) to solve the U disk can not be formatted? Please refer to the following methods:

1, first online Download the latest version of U disk antivirus expert (Usbkiller).

2, the U disk and computer connection, open U disk antivirus expert (Usbkiller):

3, the choice needs to scan the object, altogether has the memory, the local hard disk, the mobile storage device three options, the recommendation all chooses, clicks "begins to scan":

U Disk Antivirus expert (Usbkiller) can be left in the computer and U disk and other mobile storage devices in the U disk virus, a thorough killing, and will show the results of the killing.

4, the use of its "repair tool", you can repair a lot of disk viruses due to the destruction of the file or configuration. Such as:

At this point, about the U disk can not format the problem has been resolved, and, in addition, the software sometimes real-time defense function, when the real protection of U disk is not the persecution of viruses, U disk virus is the biggest nemesis.

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