U disk copy file too large how to solve large files can not be copied to the U disk how to do?

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U disk copy file too big how to solve large files can not be copied to the U disk how to do

Large files can not be copied to the USB drive what to do? u disk copy file too big solution

First of all, U disk can not copy large file reason:

In general, causing U disk can not copy large files, is generally more than 4GB of large files, easy to encounter "copying files too large can not replicate" situation, and lead to this situation is mainly U disk File system format problems.

General USB disk defaults to the FAT file system, it cannot support more than 4GB of a single file, and NTFS file system limit up to 2TB.

Large files can not be copied to the USB disk solution

Find out why, the solution is relatively simple, only to unlock the U disk copy file size limit can, in simple terms, is the U disk File system to NTFS can be.

1, fat to change the NTFS system, will format the U disk, so first USB disk connected to the computer, the first U disk in all the files back to the computer's hard disk.

2, in the computer right click on the U disk letter selected format, the default "file system" from "FAT32 (default)" to "NTFS", as shown in the figure.

U disk copy file too big solution

Complete u disk File System format conversion, you can copy more than 4GB large files to U disk, the highest can reach 2TB oversized files, no need to worry about large files can not put U disk.

If you do not want to format conversion u Disk File system, encounter large files, you can also compress large files into a number of small files, and then copy to the U disk can be.

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