U disk inserted on the computer does not show removable disk can not find a U disk letter solution

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One, reassign the letter

1, right click on my Computer, in the pop-up shortcut menu to select the Governance command, into the Computer governance window.

2, sequentially expand storage/Removable Storage, click on a disk governance, the right side of the window, see U disk running state for good, this shows that the U disk is no problem.

3, right click on the U disk in the window, select its shortcut menu change drive name and Path command, in the dialog box, click (Change) button, select an unused letter for it. Exit after OK. Turn on my computer again.

Ii. deletion of Sptd.sys files

To the system directory c:windowssystem32drivers see if there is a Sptd.sys file. Remove it and reboot. Attention: This sptd.sys is not from Microsoft Windows.

Three, the letter may be hidden

1, into the registry (Regedit.exe), into the Heky-current-usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoli ciesexplorer "branch.

2, find the path exists in the key value NOdrives, delete it, log off and then log in again. (Not the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key value).

The above is to solve the U disk does not show removable disks three kinds of methods, small series of friendship tips, if the above three methods can not let u disk on the computer display removable disks, it is likely to be a U disk appeared problems, we suggest reformatting the U disk and try again.

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