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Set the project name, project launch image, resolution settings, add the scene to be published. Note predefined macros,. NET versioning settings, render paths, Bundle identify, resource versions, graphics API settings. The web is mainly JS and unity between the mutual communication, set offline whether the option to play. Android is mainly to install the Java SDK, Android SDK, direct release apk, you can also publish Google Android project. iOS will require an iOS developer certificate when it is released, Xcode project after release, and set up a developer certificate in Xcode to be posted to iOS devices.
For the construction of resources, planning tables, art resources, program scripts. You need to pull up the latest code with SVN or P4 tools, and then build the latest version with the Unity build machine, and if it's just the plan and the Lua script, then you don't need unity to build. These build jobs can be implemented with Python scripts, providing a quick and automated build. For the automatic updating of the project, you need to write the Automatic update logic, the version number of the comparison, the resource pull, pull after decompression according to the type of resource placed under different directories, updated to allow access to the game.

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