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1: Install the compiling environment sudoapt-getinstallbuild-essential tiallinux-headers-'uname-R' sudoapt-getinstallmakesudoapt-getinstallgcc2: Download Vmware-server and installation script click here to download Vmware-server: click here to download the installation script:

1. Install the compiling environment

Sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-'uname-R'
Sudo apt-get install make
Sudo apt-get install gcc

2: Download Vmware-server and installation script

Click here to download Vmware-server:

Click here to download the installation script:

Decompress the script (my download directory is/Downloads ):

-Laptop www.linuxidc.com@linuxidc.com :~ /Downloads $ tar zxvf raducotescu-vmware-server-linux-2.6.3x-kernel-release-1.5-1-g71f8b66.tar.gz

Then, place the downloaded Vmware compressed package to the script folder for installation:

-Laptop www.linuxidc.com@linuxidc.com :~ /Downloads $ mv VMware-server-2.0.2-203138.i386.tar.gz./raducotescu-vmware-server-linux-2.6.3x-kernel-71f8b66/

View the files in the current folder as follows:

-Laptop www.linuxidc.com@linuxidc.com :~ /Downloads/raducotescu-vmware-server-linux-2.6.3x-kernel-71f8b66 $ ls
LICENSE VMware-server-2.0.2-203138.i386.tar.gz
README vmware-server-2.0.2-203138-update.patch
Start-VMware-console.sh vmware-server-2.0.x-kernel-2.6.3x-install.sh

3: run the installation script to start installation.

-Laptop www.linuxidc.com@linuxidc.com :~ // Downloads/raducotescu-vmware-server-linux-2.6.3x-kernel-71f8b66 $ sudo./vmware-server-2.0.x-kernel-2.6.3x-install.sh

PS: note that the script must be run as ROOT. During installation, various installation directories and installation parameter settings (including virtual Nic settings and access port settings) are prompted, by default

The following information is displayed at the end of the installation:


-- The VMware team

Starting VMware services:
Virtual machine monitor done
Virtual machine communication interface done
VM communication interface socket family: done
Virtual ethernet done
Bridged networking on/dev/vmnet0 done
Host-only networking on/dev/vmnet1 (background) done
DHCP server on/dev/vmnet1 done
Host-only networking on/dev/vmnet8 (background) done
DHCP server on/dev/vmnet8 done
NAT service on/dev/vmnet8 done
VMware Server Authentication Daemon (background) done
Shared Memory Available done
Starting VMware management services:
VMware Server Host Agent (background) done
VMware Virtual Infrastructure Web Access
Starting VMware autostart virtual machines:
Virtual machines done

The configuration of VMware Server 2.0.2 build-203138 for Linux for this
Running kernel completed successfully.

Thank you for using the script!
Patch provided:
Ramon de Carvalho Valle
Script author:
Radu Cotescu

4. Access virtual machines

After installation, visit http: // 8222 or https: // 8333 (SSH) at the following URL)

For complete installation, refer to the official documentation: click here.

When logging on to VMware from the WEB, you need to use the Ubuntu root user name and password. By default, Ubuntu does not have a root user. You can use the following command to enable the root command:

Sudo passwd root

Enter and confirm the password.

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