Ubuntu 15.04 System How to install QQ?

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The new installation of Ubuntu can not have QQ, we need to install QQ to carry out the timely exchange Ah, then how to install the QQ under Ubuntu.

1. Upgrade the installation source in the Ubuntu system first

directive: sudo apt-get update for the next operation.

2, after the update completes, we then installs the wine

Yes, TX no longer develop the Linux kernel below the QQ, so, can only be installed with wine. The instructions for installing wine are: sudo apt-get install wine1.6, the personal proposal installs 1.6 ha, 1.7 installs easily installs not on.

3, wine installation process some problems, is likely to pop up a protocol, let you click "OK". We need to press "tab" or the SPACEBAR to click "OK". To proceed to the next step Oh!

4. Wine installation is complete, download the wine version of QQ.

We find a good wine version of the QQ bar, now more stable is the international version of the WINEQQ, I download here is the International version of the WINEQQ, this QQ you can go to Baidu in accordance with their own needs to search for downloads, Or in my name of the bar inside the boutique area can also download the version of the wineqq I use.

5, download completed after we find the download directory, in the "* * *. ZIP "Click the right mouse button on the package and click" Open using Archive Manager "

6, and then into the compressed package in the "Wine-qqintl" folder. In this folder, we unpack all the Deb files into the "downloads" directory, and if you download the other version of WINEQQ, drag all the Deb files from the open package to the download directory.

7, we open the terminal, in the terminal input: sudo apt-get install-f

8, again in the terminal input: cd download. Then in the input: sudo dpkg-i Wine-qqi and then press the TAB key to complete, and then press ENTER to perform.

9. Next, install the WINEQQ font Library

Input command: sudo dpkg-i TTF press the TAB key to complete, input: sudo dpkg-i fonts-wqy press the TAB key to fill the whole. All above are pressed ENTER to execute after Oh! and are all in the "Downloads" directory.

10, finally finished! But where is the running icon? Next we open the search program in the upper-left corner of the desktop

11, I click the icon that looks like "A" again. The following figure

12, then, we open "A" in the search box after the input "QQ." Do you have it? Click on it! Then we click on the "Start" button to run it!

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