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After studying the 3D desktop effect for a long time, I finally found this good method. The compizconfig settings manager function is too powerful. The test passes in Ubuntu 8.04.

First install the compizconfig settings Manager (3D drivers must be installed)

Sudo apt-Get install compizconfig-settings-Manager

Running System-> preferences-> advanced desktop Effects
Settings, click General compiz options, and set the Desktop
On the size tab, set "Horizontal virtual size" to 4, "vertical virtual size" to 1, "desktop quantity" to 4, and then back, select "desktop cube", "Rotating cube", and "cube ing"
"Cube caps" items, press CTRL + ALT, and then press the left mouse button to move, 3D desktop effect appears.

In front of Gube gears, find the desktop cube that has been hooked in front, click, select transparent cube, reduce opacity during rotation to around 50, and then tune out the 3D desktop, the Cube is translucent, and there are three gears in it rolling!

Click rotate cube-> General, adjust the scale to 1.0, adjust the speed to 0.7, and then press CTRL + ALT + right-click left/to view the slow movement of the cube, and the cube is much smaller.

Place the mouse in a blank position on the desktop, and then turn the scroll wheel of the mouse to display the rotating 3D desktop effect. Press and hold the super key (the key between CTRL and ALT) + Tab key to arrange the desktop horizontally.

Go to resize-> action, click the triangle in front of normal, double-click "Start window picker in all windows", select topleft, and click OK. Now you can move your mouse to the upper left corner of the desktop to implement the expose effect similar to Mac OS X.

Go to the main interface of the compizconfig settings manager, click Expo-> action, double-click expo in the window, and select top
Right, and then OK. Move the mouse over the top-right corner of the desktop. The four desktops are arranged in a 3D space (similar to the super + e effect). You can drag a window from one desktop to another,
Even in the middle of two desktops!

Select shift switcher> action> initial (all
Workspace), select bottomleft. Move the mouse to the lower left corner of the desktop, and the iPhone cover appears.
Flow effect. You can use the scroll wheel and arrow keys to switch between desktops. Return to shift switcher and click appearance.
Select flip in mode. Move the mouse to the lower left corner of the desktop, and the flip3d effect in Windows Vista appears.

Select the check box before "Draw flame on screen" on the main interface of the compizconfig settings manager. Now you can press the super + Shift key and use the mouse
The left button is written on the screen. The default flame color is red. You can directly go to the "Draw flame on screen" setting, adjust the flame color, or simply press
Super + Shift + C.

Go back to the main page again and check windows previews. When you move the cursor to the taskbar, a preview window is displayed.

On the main interface of ccsm (compizconfig settings Manager), select the move window and set the opacity on the page to around 60, so that when you move the window
It has a translucent effect. Select General Options> opacity on the main interface.
Settings, click Add ). In opacitywindows, enter the dock and opacitywindow
The value of values is 80. Add dropdownmenu and popupmenu in the same way, and the value is 80. After the input is complete, No matter what menu
Translucent display, including right-click menu.

Choose animations-> closeanimation on the main interface of ccsm, double-click the first glide2 in the window, and select burn from the closeeffect drop-down menu, so that each time the window is closed, there will be a flame effect.

Click effect settings, find the fire below, click the flame option that appears in the triangle, and then select the check box next to "random color flame". The flame color is random. You can also set the animation effect when the window is opened in openanimation, or select "random ".

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