Ubuntu Basic Commands

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1: View information for system commands
1: Exit the current command's operating system exit
2: View kernel version uname-r
3: View Memory Cat/proc/meminfo
4: View CPU Cat/proc.cpuinfo
5: View host name hostname
6: View IP address ifconfig eth0
2: Edit the operation of the Linux command line
1:tab Key Auto-completion
2:ctrl+l Clear Screen
3;ctrl+c forced end
4:ctrl+u clear to the beginning of the line press ENTER
5:ctrl+k clear to end of line
6: Backslash "\": Force line break "\"
3: Viewing and displaying the table of contents
A:pwd View the current working directory
B;CD Enter a directory cd~ or CD to return the current user's directory
C:CD. Return to the top level directory
d:cd-returns the directory of the last CD command executed
E:du the size of the statistics directory Du-sh/directory name
F: Create a directory mkdir create many catalogs at once mkdir-p/catalog 1/Directory 2
g; Touch Create an empty folder
H:CP copy cp-r copy entire directory
J:MV Mobile
3: Find directories and files
1 Witch View the file corresponding to the command
Find based on file size, name
">" Save
Find-name Source Files > Locations
2:dir Displaying files and directories
3:del Deleting files
4: View IP address ifconfig
5: Turn off firewall Firewall cpl
6: Open Control Panel

Ubuntu Basic Commands

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