Ubuntu Computer Basics: Desktop background, screensavers and power

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A clean and tidy desktop, to help us operate the computer, how to set a beautiful background, we look at an exercise;

1, desktop background

1 in the desktop blank point right, in the menu to choose "Change desktop Background" command, out of a dialog box panel;

2 out of the "appearance" Panel has a row of labels, the second is "background", and other themes, fonts, interfaces, effects, etc.;

3 point to the right of the "Add " button, come out with a "Add wallpaper" dialog box, find their own picture folder, select a picture, point "open";

4 when the desktop background is changed to the selected picture, the point below the "style" button , you can choose to enlarge or tile;

5 Select the middle "wallpaper" in the first "no wallpaper", the desktop is the default brown yellow, and then point to the bottom of the "Solid Color" button next to the color block, select other colors;

Can be selected in the left color ring, you can also use the following straw, but also in the middle of the color name directly input, such as the classic blue desktop color name is #396DA5

6) After the point "OK", you can finish the desktop background color changes;


When the computer is idle, you can set the screen saver to prevent the monitor from being too bright for a long time, and you can set the power supply to temporarily turn off the monitor, so let's take a look at an exercise.

1, Screen Protection program

1) Click on the Panel menu, "System-Preferences-screen saver"

, come out a dialog box;

2 in the left screensaver theme, drag down the scroll bar, find "Gltext", the bottom of the time slider, drag to the left to 5 minutes;

This set a text screen saver, point to the left of the "Preview" button, you can see the effect, and then point to the top right corner of the "Exit full Screen" back, screen saver program not too complex, so as to avoid sudden increase in the use of computer, affecting the performance of computers;

Power Management

1 Set Good screensaver program, then point to the lower right corner of the "power Management" button, out of a panel;

2 in the second "show" in the bar, drag the slider to 15 minutes, that is, 15 minutes without action, the monitor off,

If the impact of watching movies, can be dragged to the far right "never";

3 and then click on the "General" label, look at the other settings, generally do not modify what, if you want to modify, remember what was originally;

4) Point "Off" button, the power and screensaver completed the settings;

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