Ubuntu startup Recovery Software (Boot-repair)

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Boot-repair is a simple tool to Repair frequent boot issues the encounter in Ubuntu like when you can ' t boot Ubuntu af ter installing Windows or another Linux distribution, or when you can ' t boot Windows after installing Ubuntu, or when GRUB is not displayed anymore, some upgrade breaks GRUB, etc.

Boot-repair lets you fix these issues with a simple click, which (generally reinstalls GRUB and) restores access to the OP Erating Systems you had installed before the issue.

Boot-repair also have advanced options to back up table partitions, back up bootsectors, create a Boot-info Email or forum), or change the default repair parameters:configure grub, add kernel options (Acpi=off ...), purge grub, Change of the default OS, restore a windows-compatible MBR, repair a broken filesystem, specify the disk where GRUB should be installed, etc.

Boot-repair is a free software, licensed under GNU-GPL.

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Getting Boot-repair

1st Option:get a disk including Boot-repair

The easiest-boot-repair is to create a disk containing the tool (eg Boot-repair-disk, a disk starting Boot-repa IR automatically), and boot on it.

Remark:it is recommended to install the ISO on a live-usb (eg via unetbootin or Liliusb or Universal USB Installer). Don't burn it on a DVD if your computer have WINDOWS8 pre-installed, or if your boot is in EFI mode.

2nd Option:install Boot-repair in Ubuntu

-either from the Ubuntu live-session (boot your computer on a Ubuntu live-cd or Live-usb then choose "Try Ubuntu") or from Your installed Ubuntu session (if you can access it)

-Connect to the Internet

-Open a new Terminal, then type the following commands (press Enter after all line):

sudo add-apt-repository Ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install-y boot-repair && (Boot-repair &)

Using Boot-repair

Recommended Repair

Launch Boot-repair from either:

The Dash (the Ubuntu logo at the top-left)

or by typing 'boot-repair' in a terminal

Then click the "Recommended Repair" button. When repair are finished, note the URL (PASTE.UBUNTU.COM/XXXXX) that appeared to a paper, then reboot and check if you reco Vered access to your OSs.

If The repair does not succeed, indicate the URL to people who help you by email or forum.

Advanced options

Warning:the default settings is the ones used by the "Recommended Repair". Changing them may worsen your problem. Don ' t modify them before creating a bootinfo URL, and asking for advice on Ubuntu Forums Absolute beginners sections or in Installation and upgrades.

External Links

Official website of Boot-repair

Topic "boot-repair:graphical tool to repair the PC Boot in 1 click!"-on Ubuntu forum, for any questions/comments.

howto:easily Create a Boot-info summary

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Ubuntu startup Recovery Software (Boot-repair)

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