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With a new computer, i7 2600 integrated graphics card, Dell brand machine, the configuration is as follows:

Computer Model Dell poweredge 990 mini Tower
Windows 7 Professional Edition 64-bit SP1 (DirectX 11) is configured on the hardware master.
Processor Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz quad core eight threads
Motherboard Dell 0c68tv (Intel q67 chipset)
Memory 16 GB (Samsung ddr3 1333 MHz)
Hard drive west digital WDC WD10EADX-22TDHB0 (1 TB/5400-7200 RPM) the same model of the hard drive also has one, respectively installed win7 and Ubuntu
Graphics Intel HD graphics family (3844 MB/Dell) Intel HD graphics 2000
Monitor Dell dela049 Dell in2010n (19.9 inch) Direct installation of ubuntu 10.04/11.10 failed
Optical Drive Hitachi-lg dvd +-RW gh70n DVD recorder
Sound Card recenalc269 @ intel 6 series chipset High Fidelity Audio
Nic intel 82579lm gigabit network connection/dell


Intel i7 2600 adopts the sandy bridge architecture and integrates the Intel HD 2000 graphics card. It may be the I3 I5 architecture!

Problem: when installing and installing Ubuntu 10.04/11.10, click to try out the Ubuntu logo and the screen will be black and no response will be returned; direct installation will not work.

Cause: Ubuntu 10.04/11.10 does not support the sandy bridge architecture well. drivers cannot be installed on HD 2000 graphics cards. Therefore, they cannot be installed on the wide screen.

Solution: after several days, I finally solved the problem. I found a lot of Chinese and English websites, which I summarized as follows:

1. Find a display with a square screen (non-wide screen) and install ubuntu (which can be installed. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 lts DVD)

2. Upgrade the kernel. It is about 3.0 later that it began to support the Intel Sandy bridge architecture.

Official Website: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html

Is the source code to compile, very troublesome, can refer to: http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php? T = 164984;

Deb installation package: http://kernel.ubuntu.com /~ Kernel-PPA/mainline/DRM-Intel-Next/download

(There is also an episode in the middle. The 82579lm gigabit network connection Nic does not have a driver. For details, see Ubuntu Dell ESX 990 NIC Driver Installation.)


After compiling the Deb package, double-click it to install it.

Restart and change to the wide screen display. The following operations can be performed on the wide screen.

Reference: http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php? F = 42 & t = 346919 & P = 2496232

3. Update the source of the video card driver

Sudo add-Apt-repository PPA: Xorg-edgers/PPA (failed, but the following operations can be performed)
Sudo apt-Get update
Sudo apt-Get dist-Upgrade

Reference: http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php? T = 339109

4. Modify parameters

# Echo 1>/sys/modules/i915/parameters/semaphores

Reference: http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php? T = 332444 & P = 2499900

The entire process reference: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php? T = 1791325


Right-click the desktop and choose "appearance Preferences"> "Visual Effects"> "normal" or "extended" to automatically search for the driver.

3D desktop effects: http://wenku.baidu.com/view/75feb51dfc4ffe473368ab92.html

Recommendation: China's Ubuntu-Linux deepin deep Linux, I tried the Linux deepin 11.06.1 official version (Ubuntu 11.04 in China), it can be used directly, if you don't want to be as tossing as above, linux deepin is a good choice.

I think we can directly support Intel Sandy bridge after upgrading the Ubuntu kernel. I don't need to worry about it any more. Let's take a look at this blog post.

Finally, I wish the Ubuntu-Linux deepin depth Linux in China become better and better!

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