Ubuntu (Linux) SVN (1.7) using the KDIFF3 merge trunk

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Reason: The small turtle (TortoiseSVN) cannot be used under Linux, idea cannot use the SVN merge skeleton code below, in order to solve each merge code to start the virtual machine, and can be as convenient as the small turtle (TortoiseSVN).


1, install KDIFF3. Cross-system and compare popular code diff tools.

sudo apt-get install KDIFF3

2. Install SVN tools.

1) sudo apt-get install subversion subversion-tools

2) downgrade Install SVN (1.7), reference: kubuntu/ubuntu 14.04 (downgrade) Install SVN 1.7

3. Configuration script.

1) Download Svndiffwrapper.txt . http://download.csdn.net/detail/love254443233/7941913

2) Copy: sudo cp svndiffwrapper.txt/usr/bin/svndiffwrapper

3) Set the operational permissions. sudo chmod a+x/usr/bin/svndiffwrapper

4. Modify SVN configuration information

1) Open config file: Vim ~/.subversion/config

2) Modify the Diff tool and Merge-tool-cmd tool configuration

# # # Set Diff-cmd to the absolute path of your ' diff ' program.### this would   override the Compile-time default, which is To use###   Subversion ' s internal diff implementation.# Diff-cmd = Diff_program (diff, Gdiff, etc.) Diff-cmd = svndiffwrapper### Set diff3-cmd to the absolute path of your ' DIFF3 ' program.### this would   override the COM Pile-time default, which is to use###   Subversion ' s internal diff3 implementation.# diff3-cmd = Diff3_program (DIFF3, G DIFF3, etc.) Diff3-cmd = svndiffwrapper### Set diff3-has-program-arg to ' yes ' if your ' diff3 ' program###   accepts the '--diff-progra M ' option.# diff3-has-program-arg = [yes | no]### Set merge-tool-cmd to the command used to invoke your external### Mergin G tool of choice. Subversion would pass 4 arguments to### the specified command:base theirs mine merged# merge-tool-cmd = Merge_commandmerge -tool-cmd =kdiff3 "$" "$" "$"-O "$4"
5, the merge trunk.

1) The command line enters the working directory of the local branch, such as/home/xx/work/svn/xx-hotel-image

Submit Branch (safekeeping). svn commit-m "merge trunk"

2) Copy trunk (trunk) URL, such as Http://svn.xx.xx.com/svn/xx/xx/xx-api/trunk

3) Merge code ("." In the last side) Can be omitted as the Operation 1th).

SVN merge Http://svn.corp.qunar.com/svn/mobile/mobfx/hms-api/trunk.

4) When you encounter a conflict during the run, you will be prompted to choose (M) Erge into the KDIFF3 interface, which is roughly the same as using the small turtle (TortoiseSVN) below Windows.


1. Interface Operation method

1) The first column is the new version file for the branch. The second column is the file that the branch is developing. The third column is the trunk file. The following column is a file (output) that is exported after comparison.

2) The output file can be edited and can be artificially modified when the merge is not met.

2. SVN merge Other common commands

1) Merge trunk to local branch: SVN merge http://svn.xx.xx.com/svn/xx/xx/xx-api/trunk .
2) When the merge error occurs, use the fallback operation:

SVN revert-cancels all local edits. To recover an entire directory of files, you can use the--depth=infinity option:
Svn revert--depth=infinity.

3) Submit local modifications to the server:

SVN commit-m "Merge trunk"

4) encountered the following error:

SVN:E155015: Commit failed (details below):
SVN:E155015: Commit terminated: "/home/xx/work/svn/xx-hotel-image/versions.mapping" in Conflict state

Workaround: SVN resolved /home/xx/work/svn/xx-hotel-image/versions.mapping

5) wait for suggestions.

Ubuntu (Linux) SVN (1.7) using the KDIFF3 merge trunk

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