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Evolution, is the Ubuntu system, after the installation of the mail client, can be used to collect mail (feel this sentence is nonsense ...) )。 Since many beginners, even under Windows, do not use client software to collect mail (minority ...). , this is the first time to write this Evolution, software configuration tutorial.

After the Ubuntu system is installed, you can run it from the applications (application)-internet (Internet)-evolution Mail. As shown in figure:

The first run, you will be asked to configure the mail account, here, I own 163 accounts, to teach you step-by-step configuration evolution. Software first run, there are welcome interface, do not look, directly click on "Forward (forward)."

The second interface is the "Account information Restore" interface. Evolution this software, in the software, support for your account information, passwords, mail and other information backup and restore. I'll talk about it later. Because we do not have backup files now, so this step, click Forward directly, just go past.

The third interface, is required to fill out the basic information, including: email address, user name, etc., look at the picture, I explained one after another.

1. Full Name: Your name, just write it.
2. E-mail: E-mail address, such as my nkevin@163.com
3. reply-to: Reply to ... Which mailbox
4. Orgization: Organization. (My English, is the meaning of the family), here casually fill in.
5. Make this my default account:evolution, which supports the management of multiple mailboxes, means that this is the default account for setting up this mailbox. Because I use a mailbox, here is the tick.

When you are finished, go to the next step. Mailbox collection settings, as shown in figure:

Currently 99% of the online mailbox, want to use software to collect/send mail, must use: POP server address and SMPT server address. The former is for mail use, the latter is to send mail. These two addresses can be queried from your email. To receive/send mail with software, you must first know these two addresses.

For NetEase 163 mailbox, their address is: pop.163.com and smtp.163.com.

In fact, this address is "very similar", for example, 126 of the mailbox, is pop.126.com, Sina is pop.sina.com.cn ... Like that.

Look at the picture, first click on the diagram "Server Type" after: None, there will be a selection box, select the inside: POP

After the selection, you will be the POP server address fill/set interface, see figure:

1. Server: Just said the POP server address, my 163 is pop.163.com, fill on the line
2. Username: That's the name of your mailbox @ front, like my nkevin@163.com, this is Nkevin
3. Remember Password: Remember the password, this is very useful, to tick, you do not want to collect mail every time, you have to fill in the password bar ....

Other projects, we do not need to ignore, and do not need to know what the meaning. Fill in the forward and go directly to the next step. As shown in figure

I'll explain it to you.
1.Check for new messages every ... minutes: every few minutes, check for new mail
2.Leave messages on server: Saving messages on the servers. (That is, after the receipt of the message on the server does not delete, still remain)
3.Delete after: Every few days, the server above the message deleted.
4.Dsiable support for all POP3 extensions: Disables POP3 extensions. I don't quite understand that. If anyone knows, please explain it to me. I didn't check it.

This is based on your own custom set, set up, Forward, enter: Mail send server settings, just mentioned, SMTP server address settings

And the place where the pop is set above, roughly the same.

1. Server: is the SMTP address. My 163 is: smtp.163.com
2. Username: Exactly the same as the one above
3. Remember Password: Hook It up, remember the password

Other ignore, direct forward, look at the picture:

Here, is lets you set a name, in evolution the display name, for example you are 163, can write "My NetEase mailbox" and so on. I am lazy to write, I just a mailbox, also write what ...

Click Forward directly. Go on

To "Set the time zone", as long as your Ubuntu system installed, set up, here on the automatic identification, see my map, that is, "Shanghai" (without your own accurate city, the use of Shanghai on the line, the difference is not much). Keep Forward.

Setup complete, Direct click: Apply (Apply), on the line.

To this, with the evolution configuration of a mailbox, is completely done. can access the software to receive mail.

The first time you enter the software, if you connect the network, it will automatically receive mail, and ask your email password. As shown in figure:

Enter it yourself, this need not be taught. When you're finished, press OK to start receiving mail.

Finally, I use the English Ubuntu, so this software, from the beginning to the end, we see are the English interface. The general human evolution, after the system "language support" of the update, can become the Chinese interface. You can rest assured that you will not be able to face the English language.

Take a break .... Please do not reply, I also want to write Evolution back to restore and how to collect QQ mail

Eat a meal, continue. As for the software, I do not know how to write a letter or something. I only write one of the most important, data backup

Just now, evolution supports backup to restore your account, email, etc.

Backup method: In the software, click on the upper left corner of the file (files)-backup settings (backup set), as shown in

Direct pop-up File Save dialog box, a place to save it, name it, their own casually, change do not change, I did not change.

Click Save to get a hint that the evolution must be closed before the backup operation. Just click OK. The backup is automatically started.

Backups are fully automated and require no intervention from you. I was back to the desktop, the name defaults, called: evolution-backup.tar.gz

Now we're going to restore it, assuming that your system has been reinstalled, or that the evolution account has to be reset, just follow the tutorials above and go through the "Welcome interface" to: Restore from Backup, here.

Look at the picture, tick: Restore Evolution from backup files, and then click None to select the file you backed up.

The process of reduction is naturally automatic. When you are done, automatically enter the software and you will be able to return to the status of your backup, including your account information, software settings, mail, and so on.

Go on........

Believe that a lot of people, are using QQ mailbox, as their daily exchange of the mailbox. Here, I teach you how to use evolution, collect QQ mail.

Many people say, whether it is under Windows or Linux, the software can not receive QQ mailbox, in fact, it is possible, the reason is very simple, because the QQ mailbox, the default, there is no "open pop and SMTP" service. Naturally, you can't use the software to charge it.

So, what we want to do is to go online, QQ mailbox "setting"-"account" inside, tick "POP,SMTP" server. Then it can be configured like 163 mailbox, with Evolution configuration QQ mailbox, receive send mail.

Look at the picture, I take my QQ mailbox as an example.

Click the red box in the figure: "Settings"

Continue, click: "Account". After entering the Account page, down Zhao, you can find the "POP3/IMTP/SMTP" Server settings. As shown in figure

See my diagram to operate it, tick: Open POP3/SMTP Service, open IMAP/SMTP service

Look at my blue box, which provides the required POP server address and SMPT address for sending incoming mail with software.

QQ Mailbox POP Address: pop.qq.com
SMTP address: smtp.qq.com

There is also a "charging options", are Chinese, I do not explain, I see To do it.

Finally, do not forget to click: Save the changes ............

Here, the success was opened. can go to evolution inside, configure QQ account. Configuration process, basically and I have talked about the configuration of the 163 mailbox process, are the same, different places are:

In sending mail, the step inside (the last picture of the post). Put the inside: "Authentication", below "type". It defaults to: PLAIN.

Most of the mailbox, here do not need to move, but QQ mailbox, need to put this project, change to login ... Must change, do not change will not be able to send mail oh.

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