Ubuntu Set up desktop shortcuts

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Very often, under Ubuntu, the software can be installed by command. But sometimes the more convenient way is to download a compressed package, decompression can be used.

However, each use must first jump to the decompression folder. This is more troublesome. So you can solve the problem by creating a desktop shortcut.
My android-studio is extracted to this folder below, each time you want to perform a terminal switch to this folder and then execute


Create a new file on the desktop. Paste the following code in

[Desktop Entry]Version=1.0Name=eclipseExec=/home/tenma/Document/android-studio/bin/studio.shTermina=falseIcon=/home/tenma/Document/android-studio/bin/studio.icoType=ApplicationCategories=Development

The exec of the above code is replaced with the folder for your app. Icon can also be replaced with its own, and then saved as Xxx.desktop will be able to

My shortcut was built successfully.

Small Caishuxueqian, there are a lot of problems but starting from their own experience. There is no matter what is said wrong place please include and point out a lot. Not very grateful.

Ubuntu Set up desktop shortcuts

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