Ubuntu System Setup DokuWiki

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Installation and Deployment
  1. Install Apache2 and PHP on Ubuntu

  2. Launch Apache's rewrite module

    sudo a2enmod rewrite
  3. Download the package and unzip the website

    cd /var/wwwsudo wget https://download.dokuwiki.org/src/dokuwiki/dokuwiki-stable.tgzsudo tar xvf dokuwiki-stable.tgzsudo mv dokuwiki-*/ dokuwiki
  4. Modify permissions for DokuWiki

    sudo chown -R  777 /var/www/dokuwiki
  5. To modify the pointing path to the file root directory in Apache

    sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000*.conf
    Modified /var/www/html to/var/www/dokuwiki
  6. Modify the domain name to point

    <VirtualHost>DocumentRoot /var/www/dokuwikiServerName 域名</VirtualHost>
  7. Modify the configuration of the Allowoverrides, modify

    sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
    AllowOverride NoneChange the revision toAllowOverride All
  8. Restart Apache2

    sudo service apache2 restart

    Apache2 The default listening port is 80, the following port occupancy prompts appear if other apps are occupied.
    Starting httpd: (98) address already in use:make_sock:could not bind to Address [::]:80
    (98) Address already in use:make_sock:could don't bind to address
    No listening sockets available, shutting down

    1) Modify the next apache2 configuration file httpd.conf listening port

    2) Share 80 ports with other servers
  9. Accesshttp://域名/dokuwiki/install.php
    If this prompt is present, the permission is not modified or the modification is unsuccessful

    DokuWiki Setup Error
    The DataDir (' pages ') at./data/pages are not found, isn ' t accessible or writable. You should check your config and permission settings. Or maybe want to run the installer?
    You should go back to 4 to re-modify DokuWiki's file permissions.

  10. After the configuration is successful, delete the following files

    sudo rm /var/www/dokuwiki/install.php
  11. Start using.

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Ubuntu System Setup DokuWiki

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