Ubuntu Terminal shows the path name is too long how to modify?

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Ubuntu Terminal shows the path name is too long how to modify? Ubuntu default terminal, after entering many levels of the directory, the previous prompt will show the full path, so that the command line is too long, people feel uncomfortable, now teach you a way to modify the command line to display only the last level of directory name, so it looks good, You can see the full pathname with PWD.

1, find the configuration file for backup first: CP ~/.BASHRC ~/.bashrc-bak, find configuration file modification: VI ~/.BASHRC, Backup is to prevent configuration modification error, you can restore;

2, the following is my/HOME/VAGRANT/.BASHRC, really modified to a line of code, find: Ps1= ' ${debian_chroot:+ ($debian _chroot)}u@h:w$ ', modify the lowercase w to uppercase W save, Do SOURCE/HOME/VAGRANT/.BASHRC or reboot the terminal. You can display both the last level and the current full path.

Note: Be sure to find the correct location for the modification.

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