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Totem and the rhythmbox player that comes with Ubuntu are faulty. Totem will prompt the audio device is busy, and rhythmbox will make an error and switch to the next one instead of playing the next one successfully.

My reason is: the impact of a process called pulseaudio

PS-u username | grep pulseaudio obtains the process number, and kill the process number to solve the problem.

It is also a bug in Linux. It must be said that pulseaudio is the playing process of a plug-in, maybe in a browser, and the sound playing is hijacked.


For other sound conflicts or exclusive sound solutions, set "system-preference-sound" and try multiple times. If the problem persists, try to modify it as follows:

Gksu gedit/etc/pulse/Default. Pa
# Load-module-ALSA-sink...
Load-module-ALSA-sink device = dmix

# Load-module-suspend-on-idle
(Re-logout and then login)

(Solve recording problems, such as Skype and audacity)
# Load-module-Hal-detect
By using dmix, pulseaudio will not occupy the entire audio system. Pulseaudio will be one of ALSA's mix channels. Then, ALSA and pulseaudio can coexist well. Libflashsupport for pulseaudio is no longer needed in the future.

If not, install the pulseaudio controller and enjoy the advantages of pulseaudio. Sudo apt-Get install padevchooser

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